WhatsApp To Get Edit Message And Recall Features


WhatsApp for iPhone recently got updated which brought with it the ability to queue messages, as well as increases the media sharing limit. Android users who were feeling left out will be happy to know that they, too, will soon get the ability to edit messages, as well as recall them.

WhatsApp will reportedly get these two new features as evidenced by leaked images of the beta for its Android app. The "recall" and "edit" features shown off in the beta of the Android app for WhatsApp suggest that they could soon make their way to users.

The presence of the two new features was shared by WABetaInfo on Twitter, which shared screenshots of the edit and recall features in action.

The Edit Feature

As the name suggests, this feature will enable users to alter a message he or she has sent to their WhatsApp contact. However, the user will only be able to edit the message if the contact has not read the message, even if it has been sent.

This is not a novel feature as other messaging services like Telegraph and BBM have similar options handy. However, the arrival of the "edit" feature will undoubtedly be welcomed by users, since most of the time, one wishes to change the message they have sent but is unable to.

The Recall Feature

Accompanying the "edit" capability will be the "recall" feature, which would let a WhatsApp user retract the message they have sent to a contact. However, a caveat is that the contact should not have read the sent message. It is only then that it can be recalled by the sender.

This feature will be quite handy especially for those who are impulsive and shoot off messages in the heat of the moment, only to regret it later. When a sender drunk texts on WhatsApp, he or she can only hope that the receiver did not open the message. The sender can then quickly tap on the "recall" mode to remove the incriminating evidence.

It is not known if there will be a specific time window within which one can retract the message. For instance, Telegram has the same feature which has a 48-hour window.

Both the "recall" and "edit" features are in beta for the Android app for WhatsApp and are disabled by default.

When Will The Features Release For WhatsApp?

It is not known when WhatsApp would officially become equipped with the two new exciting features. However, even though the leaked images are for the messaging app's Android version, iOS users need not despair as they will also benefit from the features when it is rolled out by company.

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