Facebook has come a long way since its early days, with its focus now more than ever on video content. But despite many changes one thing remains the same: it continues to be the social network for staying connected to friends.

And in celebration of its upcoming 13th birthday, it only seems fitting that Facebook will help users wish others a happy Friends Day using videos and GIFs.

Facebook announced new the launch of these new features in honor of Facebook's 13th birthday, a day it calls Friends Day.

Users will be able to view and share personalized Friends Day videos that will be displayed at the top of their News Feeds starting this week.

The video features various photos with friends and Facebook's Reaction buttons that make up a figure that dances in celebration. The idea behind the figure is that "your friends make you, you."

The camera zooms in on a select few friends close to a particular user to highlight these friendships.

Facebook hopes that sharing these videos will "spark a conversation with your friends," the company's Project Manager Oren Hod writes in a blog post.

To further show they care, users are encouraged to share photos and stories with their friends using the hashtag #friendsday.

Along with the new Friends Day videos, Facebook is also launching new friendship-themed GIFs that can be sent to others via Messenger.

Facebook will also share stories of "powerful connections" that have been made of its platform through Groups.

The stories are coming out of the event held at its Melo Park campus this week that explored the impact technology has had on making friendships with people from all around the world who have similar interests no matter how different they are from others.

Keep an eye out for these stories, along with the new videos and GIFs for Messenger.

Facebook will celebrate Friends Day, its 13th birthday, on Saturday, Feb. 4.

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