The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice production is well underway and could be finished by early 2015. One interesting thing about the filming of this movie is the fact that Ben Affleck was spotted at the Smallville cemetery as Bruce Wayne. The big question is: why is he there and what is he up to?

From what we can remember, Bruce Wayne has no one of significance buried at the Smallville cemetery; only Clark Kent does. So, is Mr. Wayne visiting the grave site of Kent's earthly father, or is he putting clues together to find the true identity of Superman, the alien that is one of the causes of the destruction in Metropolis?

It's really difficult to tell what is going on here, not to mention that Henry Cavill was not spotted in the scene, so it suggests to us that Wayne is there all by himself.

Another theory we are playing with is that this scene could be the end of the film where Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent mend their wounds and come to the realization that both are alike in some respects. Clark has lost both his biological parents along with his adopted father, and Bruce has lost both his parents from when he was a child.

Such a scene could be the turning point that brings both these heroes closer together -- but we could be wrong.

Furthermore, we could be looking at a flashback. Let's say this is after the funeral of Jonathan Kent, and Bruce Wayne is there investigating the possibility of an alien living in Smallville. Bear in mind that Batman is the world's greatest detective, so if the likes of Lois Lane is capable of unmasking Superman, we'd expect the same from the Bats.

Additionally, Warner Bros. could just be using the Smallville cemetery as the backdrop of where Bruce Wayne's parents are buried. It would surely cost the studio more to find another location to shoot Bruce showing respect to his dead parents, so doing it here seems like the smart way to go.

At the end of the day, we're just pulling theories from our butts. Hey, it doesn't mean one of our ideas isn't correct.

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