Nothing is more annoying than having that message pop up ask you to rate and review the app every time you play your favorite mobile game or use one of your go-to titles. No, no one wants to leave a positive review for Snapchat—we all all have and all love it.

But now iOS users will finally be able to say goodbye to those annoying requests with iOS 10.3.

Apple released the second beta for iOS 10.0 to developers that brings with it some changes to the App Store when it comes to app reviews.

No longer will developers be able to ask users to leave a review multiple times. With iOS 10.3, there is a limit to the number of times that message will pop up.

But even better than that is iOS 10.3 beta 2 is said to feature a way to stop the app review requests from appearing at all.

The app update includes a "master switch" that allows users to turn off all app review requests. The switch will most likely be accessed in the App Store Settings.

While many users will be pleased with this new feature, on the flip side, Apple is also making it easier for users who actually want to leave a review do so.

With iOS 10.3, users can leave a review directly in-app. This means if a user really does love a specific title, they won't be redirected and have to exit the app in order to do so.

When reading reviews, users can mark if a review was "Helpful" or "Not Helpful." This will help make only the most relevant reviews appear first so that users don't have to go through countless unrelated rants when they just want to know if they should download a particular game or not.

Developers might not be thrilled that they can't beg for those reviews, but iOS 10.3 brings with it the ability for them to respond to reviews. This means they can get in on some customer service action, and talk directly to their supporters to give them updates, tell them they are taking their suggestions into consideration, etc.

Keep in mind that these App Store changes are only available for beta testers, and not for the public just yet.

Other new features that are part of iOS 10.3 include an update to the Find My iPhone app to include a Find My AirPods feature, a new 3D Touch forecast for weather in Maps, improvements to iCloud storage usage, and the new Apple Fire System for better encryption.

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