LG Watch Style And Sport User Manuals Surface Online, Reveal Google Assistant, USB-Charging Dock, And More


Ahead of their reveal, the user manuals for Google and LG's collab smartwatches, named the Watch Style, and the Watch Sport, have leaked online, revealing a number of key metrics about the forthcoming Android Wear 2.0-powered wearables.

LG Watch Style And Sport Manuals Leaked

The launch of the pair couldn't be more imminent, as recent rumors suggest that the official unveiling hits Feb. 9. The rumor mill churning out speculative tidbits for the devices has been in full swing of late, some of them, like the recently leaked manuals in question, more convincing than others.

Charging Dock

So what do the manuals reveal? Probably not too much of what still hasn't been speculated online, although there are a few interesting things to learn about the pair. For starters, the manual has now revealed the charging method. The Watch Sport will charge wirelessly via a dock or a cradle; the Watch Style will charge on a magnetic charging cradle.

Android Pay

The Watch Sport is expected to be the very first Android smartwatch to feature NFC-enabled support for payments, and the manuals confirm this. This means that transactions will be facilitated via Android Pay directly on the device. In the Watch Sport's user guide, it states that all users need to do is launch the Apps screen, choose Android Pay, then place the smartwatch's screen on the NFC reader.

Google Assistant

The Watch Style and the Watch Sport will also be the very first smartwatches to come packing with Google Assistant. To launch it, users just need to bark "OK Google," as they do on any other Android phones, or press and hold the power button. From there, users can take notes, send a message, set an alarm, and more.

Users may even ask Assistant to output the wearer's current step count and heart rate, for those who don't want to go through all the trouble of going to the Google Fit app.

The manuals also demonstrate a basic view of the Android Wear 2.0 interface, illustrating how to navigate the menu, launch apps, and how to initiate calls. Android Authority's detailed Android Wear 2.0 video has already delved deep within the interface, revealing a better look at the updated software.

LG's unveiling of the smartwatch pair is looking closer and closer by the day, so users don't really have to wait that long to get an official, and closer look at the Android Wear 2.0 devices. The manuals, unfortunately, have been taken down by LG, although Droid Life has uploaded links for those who want to download.

The Watch Style and Watch Sport are LG's newest smartwatches, the latter outfitted with cellular connectivity, and several key features not found on the Watch Style. Gleaning from this, the Watch Style is poised to be the more entry-level offering out of the two, with the Watch Sport looking to be the more expensive one, geared, as based on its moniker, for fitness activities.

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