The Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones have been encountering supply issues since their launch, owing to high demand for the devices.

Close on the heels of Canadian carrier TELUS trying to address its inventory issues for the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones, comes news that Verizon Wireless is trying to appease consumers who have ordered the handset.

Verizon is the only U.S. carrier which is offering the Pixel XL smartphone, but it seems that the demand for the handset is far exceeding its supply. How? Verizon is short on units of the Pixel XL as reports indicate, impacting the shipments of the Pixel XL in effect.

It is no secret that consumers who ordered the 128 GB variant of the HTC-made Pixel XL in November from Verizon were disappointed to learn that the handset will not reach them before March. The original shipment date was Jan. 6, but the carrier informed buyers that it had been postponed to March 3.

Verizon is now trying to appease users who ordered the Pixel XL and will reportedly reward them for their patience by sending a Google Daydream View VR headset for free. This is Verizon's way of placating consumers and apologizing for the delays.

Verizon Offers Daydream VR Headset As Compensation

News that Verizon was offering consumers who were affected by the Pixel XL's shipment delay comes from an XDA member called madsquabbles. He reported that a representative for the carrier called him and offered the free VR headset as a gesture of apology for the Pixel XL's shipment delay.

The call was not a hoax as the representative was aware of the activation date of the device. He did not have to verify his personal data either as the representative from Verizon had the details.

Users on Reddit also revealed that they had received a call from the Verizon rep, which suggests that the information is legit.

"Ordered Pixel XL 128GB VS from on 11/24, actual ship date 1/21, just got a free Daydream View in the mail today!! Totally unexpected. Verizon is good people," shared a redditor.

"Verizon 844 number just called confirming ship date of 2/13. Daydream VR to be shipped separately. Just notification with apologies for delay," noted another person who ordered the handset from the carrier.

So if you ordered the Pixel XL and are yet to receive the smartphone, chances are Verizon may sweeten the deal for you by throwing in the Google Daydream VR headset as a token of apology as well.

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