Facetune 2 Review: This Photo Editing App Is A Game Changer For Selfie Lovers


Showing one's best self on social media often means doing a little editing here and there to get the best selfie. And sharing that best selfie means users first need the best photo editing app.

Forget about every other editing app because that app is Facetune 2.

Those who use Facetune know exactly what I am talking about. Now just image it on steroids.

Developed by Lightricks, Facetune 2 is the follow up title to the popular photo editing app that took the market by storm.

It's for the user who just wants an app to automatically work its magic to enhance their beauty to create a flawless pic that looks effortless. It's also for the more seasoned selfie king or queen who are masters of Photoshop, or who likes to get creative with their social media content and enjoys learning how to use various different tools.

Innovating The Selfie Game

The team at Lightricks continues to push boundaries and develop new tech that allows Facetune 2 to stand in a league of its own. They are innovating the editing game, one selfie at a time.

The app is powered by artificial intelligence, 3D modeling and augmented reality, giving users a suite of features that include some of the most advanced editing tools and filters available in photo editing apps.

"We try to see what's around the corner from a technological perspective and how we can tie that into to the use experience to really delight them and give them stuff they haven't seen before," Itai Tsiddon, co-founder of Lightricks told Tech Times.

For example, Facetune 2's live editing feature—a tool that cannot be found anywhere else.

And if I were asked to give one reason to download Facetune 2 it would be for this feature alone. Exactly how it sounds, live editing allows users to make adjustments like whiten teeth, smooth the skin and add a filter before they even take their selfie.

It is a cutting edge feature that is a must try for anyone who is selflessly all about capturing the perfect selfie.

The perfect selfie also needs the perfect lighting, which is where another new feature comes in: Relight. This tool brings professional photo studio lighting to user's fingers, allowing the user to move where the light is to create the perfect highlight.

This is yet another groundbreaking feature that users won't want to live without when posting photos moving forward.

"To make something really great and innovative, in our case it involves some hardcore technology," Tsiddon said. "Both of these use trackers that we built that create a full, 3D profile of the face—that's something that wasn't possible to do on mobile before."

Price, Design & Features

While Facetune is a paid app (costs $3.99), Facetune 2 takes on Apple's subscription model, meaning it is free to download, and instead offers a yearly subscription for $9.99 to unlock all the features.

This photo editing app has about 80 percent of what is available (paid features) on the original Facetune, but for free.

"We wanted to continue to bring state of the art stuff to the market," said Tsiddon.

This second generation title completely kills the competition with the amount of and kinds of features compared to other related titles.

It has a premium look and feel to it, making the user feel like the have the highest quality of tools here in this suite. At the same time, it's extremely easy to navigate and there are tutorials for every feature.

Facetune 2 has three main categories: Tools, Retouch and Filters.

Free with the app include features like Whiten, Smooth, Details (make the eyes pop), Glow (gives an instant tan), Conceal, Face (make smile bigger, fix jaw and width of face), and some filters—just to name a few, allowing the user to get a healthy taste of the 3D modeling and what they can do with the app.

The VIP version (a subscription) unlocks the Relight feature (best feature in my opinion, sorry LuMee cases), along with more features within each category like Darkroom, Eyes (change eye color and add a twinkle of light), more Face options like plumping lips, and more filters. There's just so much here to cover, but these tools included in the premium subscription is where the true magic is at.

When using each feature just swipe left or right to increase of decrease it's effect. Tap on the photo to compare to the original.

Also available for free is the live editing feature, which can be accessed by tapping on the camera icon on the top, left of the screen.

Can't Edit These Cons

After trying out just about every photo editing app on the market (and there are a lot), Facetune 2 quickly replaced my go-to titles like BeautyPlus and Photoshop Fix. But just because it has everything I need and more to touch up images doesn't mean I don't have some criticism.

One downside could be the price. Instead of a one time payment, I will have to renew my subscription every year. However, since I really do use it all the time, the premium features are worth every penny. It's much better than having to pay separately for each of them as in-app purchases.

For someone who doesn't use photo editing software or apps, Facetune 2 could be too much. One of the most common things I hear after referring the app is that new users are overwhelmed with where to begin and how to use all the various tools.

But trust me, it gets easier over time the more you play around.

I also feel like some of the tools edit the face too much to the extent that things can get cartoonish or just plain out fake looking real fast. The amount applied depends on the user, so remember that sometimes less is more.

If It's Good For Hollywood, It's Good For Me

Launched a little over two months ago, Facetune 2 has already been downloaded well over four million times.

"If you look at all the competition, this has been the product that the consumer has placed the most value on, and they vote with their wallet," Tsiddon said. "It's just a superior product."

Users will certainly love this app, especially if celebrities like the Kardashians and Katy Perry, they already use Facetune.

"We know they [the Kardashians] like it, and we are very happy for their support. It's [Facetune] pretty well known in celebrity circles," Tsiddon said. "All of this is the building of a brand. At a certain point it becomes a verb, and they use to for the same reason we use only more people follow them on Instagram."

So if Lightrick's apps are used to retouch the glamorous photos of the rich and famous, then this app is what this every day selfie lover will use.

Face tune 2 will change your life when it comes to editing photos. From quick and easy touch ups to being able to use the best lighting, plump and tucks, this app "enables new, magical moments with users in ways that you can't get anywhere else."

Get the VIP subscription for Facetune 2 for 50 percent off for a limited-time. Face tune 2 is available to download for iOS.

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