First it was the Galaxy Note 7, and now the battery saga continues for the iPhone 6s.

Apple is recalling iPhone 6s units sold in the United Arab Emirates over battery issues.

But unlike Samsung's recall, although iPhone's battery is to blame, it's not because it is exploding. Instead, a problem with the battery causes the iPhone to unexpectedly power down.

Apple previously addressed the problem of some iPhone 6s models unexpectedly shutting down back in November. The company said that "a very small number" of iPhone 6s devices were affected, specifically those manufactured in China between September and October 2015.

And while Apple has had a free iPhone 6s repair program in place in the U.S., according to the UAE publication Khaleej Times, Apple is now moving ahead with the decision to recall the popular smartphones in the country.

Dr Hashim Al Nuaimi, the director of the Consumer Protection Department at the UAE Ministry of Economy, confirmed Apple's recall, citing the cause is not related to safety concerns, but rather is part of regular campaigns that include testing the product.

Apple later confirmed the recall in the UAE, also reiterating that it is not because of a safety issue.

Saying that it only "affects devices within a limited serial number range that were manufactured between September and October 2015," the recall includes a total of 88,700 units.

It will cost the company 289 Arab Emirates Dirhams, or $79 USD for each battery replacement.

This means the recall could cost Apple $7 million. And that's just in the UAE.

While this seems like a lot of money, it's chump change to the tech giant since it reported $78.35 billion in revenue for Q4.

Samsung's recall, on the other hand, cost the company $17 billion.

Apple's iPhone 6s replacement program allows customers to have their smartphone's battery replaced. Customers can go to Apple's Support Page to enter in their device's serial number to see if their phone is part of the recall.

Apple will replace the battery for free, as long as there is no other damage to the phone such as a cracked screen. Repairs will have to do done first before the battery can be replaced.

This program is worldwide, and covers iPhone 6 batteries for three years after its retail sale date.

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