It seems like Tim Cook's favorite talking point when on the defensive is that great things are in the pipeline. The Apple CEO has invoked that line when rumors began spreading that Apple is shifting away from the Mac desktop.

Cook is reciting the same mantra this time for the iPhone 8 to explain declining iPhone sales. This also came after Google toppled Apple as the world's most valuable brand.

Now, is it really the case: will iPhone 8 ship with truly exciting features and live up to the hype?

Current conditions, in addition to speculations circulating at this point, indeed, indicate how the device does hold a lot of promise.

Apple Under Pressure

If there is one motivation that should prod Apple to release an impressive iPhone 8, that would be the pressure coming from investors. Cook's pronouncement about the iPhone 8 plans was in response to investors' concerns regarding the iPhone's flagging performance.

Reports reveal that Cook displayed a high level of confidence and enthusiasm for the iPhone 8, more than what was indicated in the company's latest Q1 earnings press release. The CEO maintained that he feels really good that the iOS device, among other Apple products, will reverse the headwinds and accelerate growth once again.

The investors and the rest of the world, however, were left in suspense because Cook did not leave anything specific about what he was so worked up about the iPhone 8 save for a cryptic statement.

"I think the smartphone is still in the early innings of the game," Cook reportedly told investors during the earnings call.

"I think there's lots more to do. Every year, I think it becomes more important to people's lives, there's more things people are doing with it."

Rumored iPhone 8 Features

Fortunately, there is now a slew of iPhone 8 rumors to help us understand the context of Cook's excitement. For example, there is the case of the rumored dual-edged OLED display that could complement an all-glass design, possibly held together by stainless steel edges.

The dual-camera module is also said to be getting an overhaul as well while the home button could be junked for good.

One particular aspect to the iPhone 8 that is sort of confirmed based on Cook's official statements is the enhancement of Apple's Siri. He has been talking about this proprietary AI technology in relation to home automation. Consumers can, therefore, expect that the iPhone 8 will be competing more with the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Pixel with its Google Assistant feature.

Cook has recently demonstrated this when he cited how his home has been automated based on Siri.

"We are leading the industry by being the first to integrate home automation into a major platform with iOS 10," Cook said. "With Siri and a new Home app in iOS 10, everywhere you go, you can easily and securely control all of your home accessories with your iPhone, iPad or your Apple Watch."

At this point, however, users who attempt to use Siri to control smart appliances will most likely encounter lag and bugs. So, Apple is probably working hard to introduce a more seamless Siri experience when iPhone 8 comes out.

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