Netflix Renews ‘The OA’ For Season 2: Here’s Why You Need To Binge-Watch The Show Now


Those who streamed Netflix's latest stand out original series The OA already figured another season must be in store. And now the streaming giant officially confirmed it is happening.

Netflix announced on Wednesday that The OA is renewed for a second season.

The news comes just a few weeks after season 1 premiered back in December. And while it has become the next Stranger Things in terms of obsession among viewers, there might be a chance that subscribers have not yet added it to their queues.

Now that season 2 of The OA is slated for sometime in the near future, it's the perfect time to start binge-watching the series. Here's why:

It Features A Mind-Bending Plot

Created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, The OA is a mystery, meets sci-fi, meets drama hybrid that takes place in more than one dimension that follows Prairie Johnson (played by Marling), a young woman who comes back after being missing for seven years.

While it's a miracle she even resurfaced in its own right, Prairie was previously blind and can now see.

Viewers are taken past this dimension to uncover all that Prairie has endured, while learning about "The OA."

Plus there are plenty of Easter eggs and repetitive symbolism hidden throughout the episodes from Braille clues to fish tanks that are fun to pick up as the story unfolds.

It's As Strange As It Is Beautiful

The OA is really strange. It will leave you wondering what the hell you are watching at times, as you try figure out what's going on and where this all is heading. Just when you think you are getting it, the viewer learns something new and everything is on its head.

For example, you think you are watching a series about girl who comes home, only to think it is really about the past and her story, only to find it's really about the bigger picture in the present.

But even though it is a bit bizarre, The OA is incredibly beautiful.

There is power in the storytelling in this series. Prairie's story becomes captivating, intoxicating and hypnotizing. And so does the dance moves.

There is a certain flow and movement of the series that is much like the dance the characters do. First there is uncertainty and then it all comes together. And when the Movements comes together, it truly is powerful. Watch alone just to witness these moves that start out silly and then turns out to be the most beautiful thing.

 It's Open To Interpretation

The OA leaves the viewer with question upon question like what is the fate of the captive characters and The OA? But there are parts of the story that are open to interpretation in the series such as whether or not Prairie's stories were true or just fantasy as a way to cope. It's up to the view to decide.

It Has One Of Most Shocking Finales

The season 1 finale of The OA is one of the most shocking endings in TV series history. There is no escaping the goosebumps from crawling up on your skin as you sit on the edge of your seat. It's paradoxically moving and disturbing, again beautiful and tragic—all wrapped up in an ending that will stay with the viewer.

While there are clues that foreshadow what will happen, the viewer won't be able to put them together until after the final scene.

The OA, Part 2 was just one of the many series announcements Netflix made on Wednesday that includes the June 9 premiere date of OITNB, season 5 and the April 21 release of Bill Nye Saves The World.

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