Windows 10 is about to gain one of the best features of Android and iOS: a picture-in-picture mode. Microsoft's stashing it in as part of the Creators Update due for rollout in April.

Compact Overlay

The picture-in-picture mode, or "Compact Overlay," as Microsoft calls it, will be available to all app developers creating apps from the company's Universal Windows Platform. Stock apps such as Movies & TV or Skype will soon also integrate Compact Overlay via future updates, allowing users to continue watching a show or continue participating in a Skype video conference as they hack away at another app altogether.

Compact Overlay is currently in its testing period as part of the most recent Windows 10 build 15031, which Microsoft just made available for fast ring insiders Wednesday, Feb. 8. While it's essentially a picture-in-picture mode, the feature isn't limited to video. It appears that it'll allow users to run actual programs in a small window above underlying applications but less intrusive than other windows.

The good thing is that Compact Overlay windows "work just like normal windows in all other ways," so adapting preexisting apps to support the feature should be a piece of cake for developers. Microsoft has a few things to clear up about it, though, such as the possibility of Compact Overlay windows being resized, used with Snap, and others.

Of course, Microsoft isn't the first one to tinker with the picture-in-picture concept: Apple last year introduced a similar one on its for macOS, although its compatibility is very limited. Judging by how Microsoft is describing Compact Overlay, however, it's a totally integrated minimizing ecosystem for apps instead of just a nifty video overlay option, making it more compelling.

The new build also adds Game Bar support for more than 50 titles and Dynamic Lock, which allows users to pair a Bluetooth-enabled phone to command trigger Windows to lock when said phone is off proximity.

Creators Update Complete

Microsoft also confirmed that the Windows 10 Creators Update is feature-complete, meaning all the features included in the update are set for its April release. Now, Microsoft is simply determining what bugs still roam around the build, promptly squashing them upon discovery. Those who have long been anticipating the Creators Update can expect a clean, feature-rich, and smoother Windows 10 experience by the time it lands.

The new Windows 10 Build, apart from the slew of features, also comes with a number of bug fixes, although issues such as a stuck download progress bar and audio loss persist, along with a handful of others. The lengthy blog post makes clear of all known issues alongside fixes, so it's best to give that a once-over before going ahead an trying out the newest build.

Microsoft is set to push out the Windows 10 Creators Update to all existing PCs. As always, the Insider builds are intended to lift out bugs that may be crawling under the software, and users may participate by enrolling in Microsoft's Windows Insider Program.

Let us know if you're testing the most recent build and if you've tried the new Compact Overlay feature. Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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