There are plenty of apps available that can help users manage their time and daily tasks in order to give them a helping hand when it comes to being organized and productive. But constantly looking at their phones or having to launch apps is often a huge hurdle.

But many people are sporting Apple Watches these days, making it a whole lot easier to just look down and see reminders. In fact, market researchers estimate that the tech giant sold 6 million units of its smartwatch worldwide during its forth quarter. 

With so many people picking up the Apple Watch Series 2 and the first generation model, there is a chance that they don't know which are the best apps to download—especially when it comes the titles that will really help them get things done.

Here are the best apps available for the Apple Watch that will increase the user's productivity.

Elephant - Never Forget

Elephant is the only reminder app a user needs. That's because it allows the user to customize the types of reminders they would like to receive, thus eliminating the need to download multiple titles like one to remind the user to drink water, and another one to remind them to get up and start moving.

The app helps make something a daily habit, but reminders can be further customized so that they user chooses how often they want an alert.

Elephant - Never Forget is available to down for free with in-app purchases.

Do Button

This app combines services together to allow the user to control various devices and apps from the wrist. Do Button lets the user get weather updates before they get dressed each morning, track work hours in Google Calendar, automatically share Instagram posts to Facebook or send their spouse a text when they get to the store.

The user creates their own button to carry out tasks following and "if this happens, than that happens" formula. There are more than 360 apps that work with Do Button, making it easy as a push of a button to cross things off the to-do list without giving it a second thought.

Do Button is available to download for free. 


Looking to plan the day with ease? Look for further than Timepage, the productivity app that combines the calendar with things like contacts, events the time and the weather, so that users can view and manage their schedule from one centralized location with a quick glance.

The best part is users can see travel time to their next appointment so that they won't be late for that important meeting. 

Timepage is available to download for $4.99.


Trello is hands down one of the best apps to stay organized at work. It allows the user to create and edit boards that can consist of projects, allowing others to see the status. Cards created can be assigned to others for collaborating with others.

And Trello for the Apple Watch brings all this to the users' wrist, so they stay up to speed while away from their desks. The user can see what projects or tasks are due soon, add a card, reply to comments, and more-making it one of the best apps for business management.

Trello is available for free with in-app purchases. 


Clear is the app for getting rid of the clutter of the user's every day lives. Users can create personal and work to-do list, checking tasks off as they are completed. The app can remind the user when something needs to get done, or snooze it for later.

This app also syncs for Macs so that all lists created can be accessed from the desktop as well.

Clear is available to download for $4.99.


Slack is the platform commonly used in many offices, serving as a place to communicate with other employees. Think of it as the IM of the work place. And Slack for the Apple Watch brings the ability to talk to other tram members and view notifications from the watch display.

Slack is available to download for free.

OmniFocus 2

This app is all about time management since users have the ability to view upcoming tasks and goals, as well as those that are past due or due soon. Users can add new tasks, mark them completed and receive notifications. Keep organized by keep lists is specific Folders, Projects, Groups or Actions.

OmniFocus 2 is available to download for $39.99.

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