When it comes to ancient Egyptian history, the young King Tutankhamun is likely to be one of the most mysterious pharaohs. Rumors surrounding his life, death, and legacy continue to swirl.

Now, researchers may unlock yet another answer to one mysterious question. Are there hidden chambers in King Tut's tomb?

Thorough Investigation Of King Tut's Tomb

After much debate, a team from Polytechnic University of Turin will conduct the investigation using advanced technology by the end of the year. The tedious task will possibly last for days or even weeks, and will likely use different radars to ensure accuracy. The investigation is merely a part of a long-term project that aims to completely map the ancient burial site of Egypt's pharaohs, the Valley of The Kings.

By using ground penetrating radars and instruments that could scan up to depths of 32 feet, researchers are hoping to find information on whether or not there are indeed secret chambers in King Tut's tomb. As for now, researchers plan to do a preliminary survey of the tomb by the end of the month. This is the third investigation to be conducted on the tomb in the last two years.

The Mystery Behind The Debate

Investigation on the over 3,000 year old burial site ensued after a British Egyptologist voiced his belief in 2015 that there are hidden chambers within King Tut's tomb that could house treasures or even the elusive tomb of Queen Nefertiti. This claim led to investigations that led to contradicting results and even a heated debate at the Second Annual Tutankhamun Grand Egyptian Museum Conference in Cairo.

In the initial investigation, a team led by Hirokatsu Watanabe, a Japanese radar specialist, scanned the tomb and came out with staggering results. Their scans sensed metallic and organic objects behind the walls, possibly from a hidden chamber.

Soon after, Mamdouh Eldamaty, the minister of antiquities at the time, stated his certainty about a hidden chamber behind the north wall. However, a second scan led by engineer Eric Berkenpas of National Geographic came up with contradicting results — no sign of a secret chamber.

The third and possibly last scan to be made this year could finally answer many questions surrounding the young ruler's tomb.

Some experts believe that, due to his untimely death at the age of 19, his remains were hurriedly buried in a tomb that wasn't even originally his but for his stepmother Nefertiti, who died 10 years before he did. Whether this is true, we could possibly know by the end of the year.

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