Nintendo's NES Classic Edition has suffered from supply shortages ever since it was released in November of last year, so for gamers who went through great lengths to acquire the retro console, it is understandable that they would want to make the most out of the in-demand device.

Hackers have now shown that the NES Classic Edition can be transformed into the ultimate emulation device, allowing games from other retro consoles such as the SNES, Sega Genesis and Game Boy to be run.

NES Classic Edition Hacks

Just a few days after the NES Classic Edition was released, it was found that it was possible for users to install their own Linux kernel into the device, a discovery that hinted at possible modifications coming to the retro console.

Last month, another hacker was able to add 30 more games to the 30 pre-installed titles in the NES Classic Edition, with the additional games showing up in the user interface like they were preloaded into the retro console. A guide was later released to add up to 90 more games to the NES Classic Edition.

A new hack, however, now expands the library of games that can be installed in the NES Classic Edition beyond the original NES, as titles from other retro consoles can be run on the device.

NES Classic Edition: The Ultimate Emulator?

Hackers have been able to integrate RetroArch, a program used to emulate several retro consoles, into the NES Classic Edition. Through the software, the device can be made to run games from the SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy and other classic consoles.

Through the hack, instead of the NES Classic Edition immediately showing the playable games upon booting up, the device will show the different operating systems that will allow gamers to play the different consoles.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows RetroArch running on the NES Classic Edition, with the demonstrated games on the video including the SNES title Super Metroid II, the Game Boy title The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, and the Sega Genesis title Sonic the Hedgehog.

Should You Hack Your NES Classic Edition?

Before NES Classic Edition owners jump into the process of installing RetroArch into their devices, it should be noted that the hack comes with a few hiccups.

For one thing, the hack takes away the clean user interface of the NES Classic Edition for a more complicated one. In addition, some emulated games suffer from occasional slowdown, especially for those meant for 16-bit systems.

These things may improve in the future as hackers continue to work on the project, but it also comes with the question of whether the games will work well on the NES Classic Edition. For example, not all SNES games can be played properly with the hack, as the NES Classic Edition controller has no shoulder buttons and only comes with two action buttons.

There should be no need to mention the fact that employing such hacks can void the warranty on the NES Classic Edition, which might not be a smart thing to do especially for gamers who waited very long to get their hands on the device. However, for those who are willing to risk voiding the warranty and can live with the limitations of the hack, then go ahead and upgrade your NES Classic Edition.

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