A new update for Battlefield 1 is about to roll out, introducing a new map, a new weapon, a grenade crossbow, alongside other gameplay improvements, balances, and other additions in tow.

Giant's Shadow

The new map is called Giant's Shadow, and while it's included in the new update, the only ones who'll get to play it a week early are those who purchased Battlefield 1's Premium Pass DLC or those who preordered the game. Everyone else will receive Giant's Shadow beginning Dec. 20.

Based on World War I's Battle of the Selle, a battle between the Allied Forces and the German Army in 1918, Giant's Shadow is flanked alongside the Cateau-Wassigny railway, with a decrepit aircraft perched in the map's layout, which also includes open ground and river banks.

Grenade Crossbow

A new weapon for the support class will also be included in the new update, called the Grenade Crossbow, which is pretty self-explanatory. With it, players can launch long-distance grenades via a crossbow during combat.

Shotgun Balances

According to DICE, the developer of Battlefield 1, Shotgun Balance has also been addressed in the update, and DICE aims to "[even] out advantages and disadvantages of each shotgun type." Previously, several shotguns, when fired at certain distances, proved unintentionally strong. To iron the problem out, DICE reduced the maximum one-hit kill distance for the buckshot variants of the M97 Trench Gun, Model 10-A, and Sawed Off Shotgun.

Spectator Mode

The update also adds a new Spectator Mode, which offers first or third-person camera angles, allowing the player to have an observer's view during combat. Additionally, there's also an option called Free Cam, which lets players roam omnisciently around the battlefield for dynamic views.

Standard Issue Rifles Option

The update will also introduce a new Standard Issue Rifles option. When toggled, all classes will be granted access to their faction's standard issue rifle and nothing else. This option may be enabled or disabled with other types of weaponry, so as to create diverse Battlefield 1 experiences.

The new update comes out Dec. 13.

Battlefield 1 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game recently received a patch that many claimed soured Battlefield 1's graphics — an accusation which DICE claimed was false.

In other Battlefield 1 news, the game's first paid DLC comes out March 2017, called They Shall Not Pass. Premium Pass subscribers will be given a two-week head start for the forthcoming expansion.

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