WATCH: How Elon Musk's SpaceX Tunnel Looks In 'Minecraft'


It's been known of late that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has been vocal about his qualms with the despicable Los Angeles traffic. In fact, he's been taking the problem so seriously that he has already proposed building tunnels under the city that could possibly alleviate this problem.

It sounds a little over the top, but he's pretty serious about it. If you're wondering just how exactly Musk's SpaceX tunnel could possibly look, then this group of Lithuanian Minecrafters has got you covered.

Challenge Accepted

As though accepting a major challenge, a group of Lithuanian Minecrafters built an underground tunnel that begins from Musk's SpaceX office directly to LAX — in Minecraft, that is. The video showcased how the group brought Musk's plans to life from the ground up and then back and even further underground to where the proposed tunnel is.

Talk of the proposed tunnel began in December, when Musk went to Twitter to voice out his frustrations about the major traffic problem in Los Angeles, saying that he would just build a tunnel-boring machine and start digging. However, what began as a seemingly amusing reaction to the traffic was beginning to look like a serious plan when, just a month after, he expressed his excitement about the progress on his tunnel project. Further, he revealed in the tweet that digging will begin soon.

In a span of a few days after the Twitter announcement, Musk went on to reveal that the tunnel will begin from across his desk at SpaceX and onto Crenshaw and the 105 Freeway. By Jan. 27, Musk took to Twitter yet again to announce that digging will begin that very evening. Though no one still knows just how the tunnel could possibly look like or if anyone other than Musk will be able to see it, the Minecraft version is as close as anyone could get so far.

'Minecraft' And Musk

This isn't the first time that the Minecrafters used the game they loved in order to reach out to Musk. Early this February, the group reached out to Musk via a similar video in their attempt to pitch their home country of Lithuania to be the new home of the Gigafactory 2, Tesla's lithium-ion battery factory. The video showcased a timelapse of the possible construction of the factory in Lithuania, and Tesla definitely took notice.

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