It might've been easy to cut the chord when it came to the cable, but there's just no way most of us can live without our streaming service of choice. But while users might think they have all the need when it comes to their relationships with movies and TV shows on these platforms, before the month is over we are struggling to find something to watch.

That's why users should consider cheating on their every day service like Netflix and try out FandangoNOW.

From Fandango, known for being the reliable place to buy movie tickets in advanced, find movie times, watch trailers and read reviews, FandangoNOW is the company's streaming service that allows users to both instantly stream and download thousands of titles.

Why It's Great

FandangoNOW is by far the winning platform when it comes to its lineup of new releases. This is because the titles added and highlighted throughout the month are the most recent ones that are either still playing in theaters or just ended their run in theaters. This means the platform gets many titles way before any of the other big names in streaming does.

For example, users can already get the digital download of Disney's Moana and Jackie—both still in theaters.

This makes it a great option for people who love the movies, but don't have the time or money to check out every new release. FandangoNOW offers these movies for a fraction of what it would cost to see it in theaters (digital downloads that are yours to keep typically are $14.99-$15.99 for new titles, compared to the price of seeing the movie once in theater for $12 + for one ticket and heft popcorn and soda prices).

And when it comes to being able to stream content first, this also applies to FandangoNOW's library of TV shows. For example, The CW's Riverdale has yet to premiere, but users can purchase the complete first season now, with each new episode becoming available in the user's library as they air.

This makes it a great platform for cable chord cutters who still want to be able to watch all the new series, but don't want to pay for add-on monthly subscriptions or standalone options for just one or two series.

Which brings us to the price.

What Sets It Apart

The main selling point for FandangoNow is that there is no monthly subscription fee. That's right, the platform is complete free to use. Instead, it features a pay-as-you model where users have the option to browse the complete library of titles and then only pay for the ones they want to watch.

Users have the option to either rent or buy titles. The price for both ranges. Some new movies like Arrival or Trolls are available to rent in HD for just $5.99. Then there is a category dedicated just to all the blockbusters available as  a digital rental for starting at $1.99, which includes titles like Marvel's Captain America: Civil War and The Jungle Book (both available to rent for $2.99, buy for $19.99).

Some of the movies that are fresh out of theaters are only available as a digital download, meaning the user can only buy it. As mentioned above, the price to but titles ranges, but is usually around the $14.99-$19.99 mark, with older films are available for less.

The cost of TV series range from just under $20 to around $40 depending on the series, and usually $2.99 per episode.

Users just enter in their credit card info, and the title is added to their Library for immediate streaming/downloading, or for watching later.

The Cons

While FandangonNOW is the ideal service for those looking to supplement their streaming platforms, or simply be able to download or stream specific titles only when they want, it isn't free from flaws.

The main setback here paradoxically also being what sets it apart: it's non-monthly subscription.

It's great for those just looking to stream or download a new movie from time to time, but not for those who want to use it every day—it will become just too expensive. In the age of unlimited streaming, this is a major con.

FandangoNOW is also said to run on all web browsers, but this reporter ran into difficulties streaming on Chrome and Firefox at first (must have latest versions), but the platform worked smoothly on Safari. Another downside is that it also isn't available on Apple TV or some other devices and smart TVs.

The Pros

On the plus side, FangandoNOW is available on desktops, iOS, Android, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox One, Samsung smart TVs and more.

Another huge pro is that the platform has over 40,000 movies and TV series available, making it an extremely expansive library for the service that only launched back in April 2016.

The coolest feature though is its VIP reward point system. When a user rents or buys a title, they are awarded points that can be applied to getting either 10, 15 or 20 percent off future purchases.

Another perk is that Fandango gift cards can also be used on the streaming service, perfect for using up remaining balances given for movie tickets.

Titles feature its Rotten Tomatoes score, which provides a reliable review rating for when deciding on something to watch.


The platform is extremely easy to navigate, and anyone who is familiar with Netflix can master it immediately. Clicking on "FandangoNOW" at the top banner at any point brings the user back to the homepage.

It's quick and easy to start streaming something by clicking on the "Movies" or "TV Shows" tabs on the top banner, or using the accompanying drop down menus to further narrow searches by genre or category. Titles can also be found by clicking on the orange search icon.

All titles rented or purchased can be viewed in the user's "Library," making it simple as can be to find and then watch the title.

FandangoNOW vs. iTunes/ Google Play vs. Netflix

FandangoNOW is most similar to iTunes and the Google Play Store since movies and TV shows are only available as paid purchases. However, it is differs by being specifically a platform for streaming and downloading movies and TV series, much like Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video.

It's main difference from Netflix and the like besides it not having a monthly subscription is FandangoNOW doesn't offer it's own original series.


Now users can have a date night at the movies from their own couch on any night with the help of FandangoNOW (popcorn not included). Think of the platform as an iTunes meets Netflix hybrid that provides users with the flexibility in price since there is no monthly commitment and they only pay for what they want, while bringing the cream of the crop of titles directly from the big screen to user's screen.

For this streaming addict, I won't be quick to say goodbye to Netflix, but it has quickly become my go-to place when looking for a new movie to stream.

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