The D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD Camera is now available for purchase at Apple stores. This is the first security camera to be supported by Apple HomeKit, which serves as the framework for Apple's smart home technology.

The Omna 180 was first spotted earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Tradeshow in Las Vegas.

Monitor Your Home Using The D-Link Omna 180

The Apple HomeKit D-Link security camera comes with an immersive 180-degree wide-angle lens, infrared night vision capabilities of up to 16 feet, high-definition 1080p resolution, and two-way audio. It streams real-time footage over a wireless network and stores it in a local microSDXC card without using cloud storage.

These features are pretty much the standard when it comes to security devices, but where the Omna 180 shines is its ability to support Apple's HomeKit. The camera can also provide notifications to iOS devices whenever it detects suspicious activity, which can be viewed from a live feed in your iPhone or iPad lock screen.

You can also view a live feed from your camera anytime you want using an iPad or an Apple TV. It can also work in tandem with other smart home devices through Apple's native Home app. For instance, it can trigger the lights on once it detects movements in the house.

The security camera is priced at $199.95, placing it in direct competition with the Nest camera. You can buy the D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD from Apple's online store and have it shipped within 1 to 2 weeks, or have it picked up from the store.

Yet Another Apple HomeKit Security Camera

Withings, a French consumer electronics company, also announced at CES that it will be coming up with its own version of a HomeKit security camera. The company has promised that the camera will be available by the first quarter of this year, but D-Link's device is the first one to ship.

Apple HomeKit's Slow Burn

Apple's quest to automate and unify the home has been something of a slow burner. The smart home technology was introduced at an annual developers' conference way back in 2014, but has fallen behind the times.

This has never been more evident at CES 2017, where products from third-party developers aiming to take part of the main players' ecosystem often get launched. While many products were launched that featured Alexa, the Apple HomeKit was pretty much silent.

Hopefully, the launch of the D-Link Omna 180 would be the start of something better for Apple's smart home control system.

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