Every Starbucks customer has their go-to beverage of choice, but if last summer's Pink Drink craze taught us anything, it's that people also really like to stay on trend and try the latest menu item sensation—especially when it's off the "secret menu." And now after a whole rainbow of colored beverages were added, there is a now a new secret menu item that must be ordered.

Meet the Matcha Pink Drink, a delicious beverage that is a new spin on the crowd and Instagram favorite Pink Drink.

The drink was first posted on Instagram by @thedailyfoodfeed, revealing to the world what everyone will want to be sipping on this spring.

The Matcha Pink Drink has a look that gives off a mermaids and unicorns vibe with its green and pink ombré color. This makes it the perfect kind of drink to show off on Insta.

And it's said to taste as trendy as it looks thanks to one of its key ingredients: matcha.

For those not familiar with matcha, it is the latest craze in the tea world, although it is been a staple of Chinese and Japanese cultures for centuries. Matcha is green tea that is finely milled to become powder.

So what's exactly in the Matcha Pink Drink?

Just like it's name, the beverage is just the Pink Drink, add matcha.

The drink includes:

3 parts Pink Drink—which is a Strawberry Acia Refresher with coconut milk
1 part matcha coconut over ice.

Foodies looking to try out the Matcha Pink Drink for themselves can order it by its name, or by asking for a Strawberry Acai Refresher with matcha and coconut milk if the barista doesn’t know how to make the drink yet.

Those who have ordered the new secret menu item report that while it does taste good, it’s pretty color doesn’t stay like that for long. Some baristas also don’t have the whole ombré look down when creating this concoction, so the drink might just look green with some strawberries floating around on top.

#MatchaPinkDrink A post shared by Christy Fang (@itscfang) on Feb 17, 2017 at 11:12pm PST

This is surely a drink for the coconut lover who just needs to get their hands on something new at Starbucks.

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