‘Futurama: World Of Tomorrow’ Mobile Game Reunites Original Cast To Bring New Story For Fans


Although the series ended back in 2013, Futurama fans continue to be able to watch reruns on on the regular. But now the show's creator and original cast are reuniting one more time to bring fans a brand new story with the release of a new mobile game.

TinyCo, a Jam City Company and Fox Interactive announced on Wednesday the upcoming launch of Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, a title that will bring fans back to the 31st century to embark on a new adventure.

There are very few details released about the game including what exactly the game's storyline will be or what gamers can expect as far as gameplay. However, it is listed as a simulation game in the app stores.

What is known is that it will feature original content from the series creator and executive producer Matt Groeing.

"I love this game because it feels just like Futurama," Groening said in a press release. "Except now you get to jab the characters in the face."

Joining Groeing in this venture is the series executive producer David X. Cohen, along with many of members of Futurama's original team like the show's writer, which means Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow will have the same trademark humor that fans know and love.

This includes the original animators that will give the mobile game the same look and feel as the series with its signature style.

"Futurama is back, bigger and better than ever!  Or possibly smaller and equally good. But either way, it's back," Cohen said. "We've got completely new stories from the original writers, cast, and animators. This is the real Futurama deal."

Futurama first debuted on Fox in 1999 and ran until August 2013. The animated comedy series followed the story of Philip J. Fry, a NYC pizza delivery boy who is cryogenically frozen for one thousand years to a fresh start at life. He meets the cast of characters that includes the cyclops Leela, the beer-powered robot Professor Farnsworth, the scientist Hermes, the detail-oriented bureaucrat intern Amy and the  lobster-like creature Zoidberg.

The game is being developed by TincyCo and Jam City Company, alongside the award-winning animation studio Rough Draft Studios and in partnership with Fox Interactive and Matt Groeing's Curiosity Company.

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow is "coming soon" to iOS and Android. Gamers can pre-register on Google Play here.

More details are expected to released in the near future, so fans can check out the game's site at

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