Google Pixel and Pixel XL are much-loved smartphones but since launch, both the smartphones have been plagued with several problems such as issues with the speaker phone and the camera. 

The Google smartphones were also subjected to a rumor which suggested that the smartphones would soon go out of production.

Even though Google has been successful in crossing many hurdles, a new problem pertaining to the Bluetooth connectivity has cropped up, which has led Google Pixel and Pixel XL users taking to several forums to voice their concerns.

Several users of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL have thronged to Reddit and Google's forums, complaining of Bluetooth connectivity issues.

Google Pixel Users Take To Social Media To Complain

Reddit and Google's product forums have till now received thousands of complaints regarding the connectivity issue. Basically, the Bluetooth setting is getting disabled every time the smartphone is switched on or rebooted. This issue is forcing the users to repeatedly set the Bluetooth option every time after a reboot or restart.

"The issue is that the main blutooth "toggle" is turning itself to the off/disabled position on a restart," complained a user in the Google Pixel user community.        

Later it was also stated by many users that the Bluetooth option is getting disabled even when the phone is running. 

"I mainly use Bluetooth to stream audio to my car. Every evening after work when I get into my car, I have to manually turn the Bluetooth radio back on because it somehow turned itself off at some point during the day," stated a Google Pixel user on Reddit.

What Is Causing This Issue?

Several conclusions were drawn at first by both Google and the users. Google at first thought it may be a connectivity issue, so Matt, a community specialist from the company gave thorough instructions to users facing connectivity issues.

However, given that it was not a connectivity issue and the problem was staying connected, users thought that some apps may have been causing the Bluetooth to act weirdly. Finally, after much pondering many pointed to Google's February security patch as the culprit behind this problem.

In the February update, the changelog stated that the update will bring "bug fixes". However many users complained of Bluetooth connectivity issues after installing the Feb. 10 update on their Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. Many reviews pertaining to the issue has been submitted by users.

Google, however, is yet to come up with any official statement or solution regarding the problem.

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