Amazon Web Services is currently dominating the cloud services market that even Google and Microsoft have decided to branch out and build their own public cloud storage services for consumers.

Even with two established tech companies treading into its territory, however, Amazon is not backing down and has, instead, launched productivity services that both Microsoft and Google have offered.

AWS's first strike happened in 2015 when it launched WorkMail, AWS's version of Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. The most recent was on Feb. 13 when it launched Chime, a video conferencing tool similar to Google Hangouts.

Mystery Source Reveals AWS' Next Move

AWS has yet to officially confirm the news but a source who has been briefed about the planned program reveals that AWS is beefing up its office productivity services and combining them into one powerful productivity suite that can rival Microsoft Office 365 and the Google G Suite.

The source also disclosed that, while AWS's current tools can do a decent job, most of the applications are less advanced when compared to Microsoft's and Google's products, hence, none of them have really sold well enough to be considered a true success.

To rise up to the challenge, AWS is now in the early stages of enhancing its current tools to catch up with the competition. There is no word yet on when and at what price the AWS productivity suite is expected to launch, but the company would most likely price it competitively.

The source did not say whether AWS's planned productivity suite would function similarly to Google Docs or Google Spreadsheets, which can be opened and edited by multiple people sharing the file, or if it would just focus on building and advancing word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation tools.

Amazon Keeps Its Plans Secret

Neither the AWS nor the Amazon website has announced anything and, according to Fortune, the company had no comment about the rumored plan.

Even the AWS announcements page only show news about new locations and updates to its current services, and it will most likely stay that way until a new service is launched or the AWS productivity suite is ready to be released.

Until that happens, AWS will most likely focus on strengthening its cloud services while Office 365 and G Suite reign supreme. Both Microsoft and Google will also try to find a way to ensure that a sudden appearance of a new competitor would not knock their products down.

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