Best Productivity Apps To Help You Achieve Your Goals, Organize Your Work, And Collaborate With Your Colleagues


As mobile technology gets more powerful, your smartphones and tablets also increasingly become useful as personal assistants, helping increase your productivity and efficiency.

In our book, the following are the best productivity apps available in the market today.

They take advantage of the power of your Android and iOS devices to help you do more, organize your life, get your work done, and everything in between. What is even more awesome is that all these apps are free.

Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft has successfully ported the best desktop productivity bundle into the mobile space, taking into consideration the touch display. You will be able to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint without worrying about file compatibility because your output in these three applications will work seamlessly in their desktop versions. Expect to create content easily with a familiar interface and tools. You can view, edit, and create documents so that you can still work while on the go.

Office Suite

This is a great alternative to the Microsoft Office. It offers almost similar functionalities but what particularly sets this apart is the integration of PDF support. While the ability to convert any document into a PDF file is reserved for Premium users, you can still open PDF files and do limited modifications such as write your own signature, which is helpful when signing contracts sent via email.


Evernote is easily one of the very best note-taking apps. It has been around for some time so you can expect a refinement here that is absent from rival apps. This should be indispensable to you for two very important reasons. First, it is searchable. Secondly, any post entered will promptly show up in your other devices, desktop included.


One can already say that Slack is already emerging as an online workplace where a team could communicate and send files without having to check one's emails. It also supports the integration of third-party apps such as Google Drive and JotForm, among others for an even richer experience.


This app is a great digital bulletin for individual users as well as teams. You can store lists and tasks in a fun and flexible way. A team could also use it to collaborate in a systematic manner. Lists, ideas, and tasks are contained in cards that can be moved, dragged, and dropped by users to get a project done.

Cloud Storage

So there are three great apps that can meet your online storage requirements: Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Everything depends on which platform you are thoroughly invested in.

For instance, if you use Google's services all the time, then Google Drive will work best for you. If you are also concerned about compatibility with Office applications then OneDrive is the most sensible choice. On the other hand, Dropbox really works seamlessly with your desktop as a virtual folder and you can also share files publicly.

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