Sundance Now March 2017: The Complete List Of Movies And Series To Stream


Sundance Now announced its lineup of new titles being added to its platform on Wednesday, revealing lots of movies and TV series worth streaming.

This streaming service features a library of films handpicked by experts and cultural icons, with new themed collections monthly.

March brings with it "The Originals" collection with movies like 1958's Weddings & Babies and 2013's Little Feet, along with the "DCEFF 25th Anniversary Collection" featuring the documentary American Dreamer about actor and director Dennis Hopper.

Other titles worth noting are Reset, the Benjamin Millepied's (known for his choreography for the film Black Swan) first ballet as Artistic Director of the Paris Opera Ballet, as well as seasons 1 through 3 of Travel Man: 48 Hours In...starring British writer/director/comedian Richard Ayoade and celebrity guests like Paul Rudd and Rebel Wilson, which is only available on Sundance Now.

Here is the complete list of title coming to Sundance Now in March.

March 1

Devil In A Blue Dress (1995) - US ONLY

  •  Director: Carl Franklin
  •  Cast: Denzel Washington, Tom Sizemore, Jennifer Beals

Donnie Brasco (1997) - US ONLY - ONLY ON SUNDANCE NOW

  •   Director: Mike Newell
  • Cast: Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, Michael Madsen

    Taxi Driver (1976) - US ONLY

    • Director: Martin Scorsese
    •  Cast: Robert DeNiro, Jodie Foster, Cybill Shepherd

    March 2


    •  Director: Thierry Demaiziere, Alban Teurlai
    • Cast: Benjamin Millepied

    March 6

    New Collection: The Originals

    Eldorado (2008) - US ONLY

    • Director: Bouli Lanners
    •  Cast: Bouli Lanners, Fabrice Adde, Philippe Nahon

    Little Feet (2013) - US & CANADA

    •  Director: Alexandre Rockwell
    •  Cast: Lana Rockwell, Nico Rockwell, Rene Cuante-Bautista

    The Little Fugitive (1953) - US & CANADA

    • Director: Morris Engel, Ruth Orkin, Ray Ashley,
    •  Cast: Richard Brewster, Winifred Cushing, Jay Williams

    Lovers & Lollipops (1956) - US & CANADA

    • Director: Morris Engel, Ruth Orkin
    •  Cast: Lori March, Gerald S. O'Loughlin, Cathy Dunn

    Weddings & Babies (1958) - US & CANADA

    • Director: Morris Engel
    •  Cast: Viveca Lindfors, John Myhers, Chiarina Barile

    March 13

    New Collection: DCEFF 25th Anniversary Collection

    American Dreamer (1971) - US & CANADA - ONLY ON SUNDANCE NOW

    A documentary about actor/director Dennis Hopper, showing him at his home and studio putting together his film THE LAST MOVIE.

    • Director: L.M. Kit Carson, Lawrence Schiller
    • Cast: Dennis Hopper, L.M. Kit Carson, Lois Ursone

    Another Country (1984) - US & CANADA

    •  Director: Marek Kanievska
    • Cast: Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Michael Jenn, Rupert Wainwright, Cary Elwes

    Funny Ha Ha (2002) - US & CANADA - ONLY ON SUNDANCE NOW

    •  Director: Andrew Bujalski
    • Cast: Kate Dollenmayer, Mark Herlehy, Christian Rudder

    Traveller (1997) - US & CANADA

    •  Director: Jack Green
    • Cast: Bill Paxton, Mark Wahlberg, Julianna Margulies 

    March 16

    Travel Man: 48 Hours In... (Seasons 1-3) (2015-2016) - US & CANADA - ONLY ON SUNDANCE NOW

    Richard Ayoade and a celebrity guest spend 48 hours in a popular city to discover the must see tourist attractions.

    •  Director: Leo McCrea
    •   Cast: Richard Ayoade, Noel Fielding, Chris O'Dowd, Paul Rudd, Katherine Ryan, Rebel Wilson 

      March 20

      Alamar (2009) - US ONLY

      •    Director: Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio
      • Cast: Jorge Machado, Roberta Palombini, Natan Machado Palombini

      Lake Tahoe (2008) - US ONLY

      • Director: Fernando Eimbcke
      •  Cast: Diego Catano, Hector Herrera, Daniela Valentine

      Last Summer (2013) - US & CANADA

      •  Director: Mark Thiedeman
      • Cast: Deb Lewis, Samuel Pettit, Sean Rose

      Putty Hill (2010) - US ONLY

      •  Director: Matthew Porterfield
      •  Cast: Sky Ferreira, Cody Ray, Dustin Ray

      Richard's Wedding (2012) - US & CANADA

      • Director: Onur Tukel
      •  Cast: Thomas J. Buchmueller, Josephine Decker, Dustin Guy Defa, Lawrence Michael Levine

      March 27

      Hard Core Logo (1996) - US & CANADA

      •  Director: Bruce McDonald
      •  Cast: Hugh Dillon, Callum Keith Rennie, John Pyper-Ferguson

      The Loveless (1981) - US & CANADA

      •  Director: Kathryn Bigelow, Monty Montgomery
      • Cast: Willem Dafoe, J. Don Ferguson, Robert Gordon

      The Stunt Man (1980) - US & CANADA

      •  Director: Richard Rush
      •  Cast: Peter O'Toole, Steve Railsback, Barbara Hershey

      The Woman Who Wasn't There (2012) - US ONLY

      •  Director: Angelo Guglielmo
      •  Cast: Tania Head, Elia Zedeno, Gerry Bogacz

      March 29

      Harry Price: Ghost Hunter (2015) - US & CANADA - ONLY ON SUNDANCE NOW

      •  Director: Alex Pillai
      •  Cast: Rafe Spall, Cara Theobold, Richie Campbell, Lewis Reeves, Sophie Stanton

      Secret State (Mini-Series) (2012) - US & CANADA - ONLY ON SUNDANCE NOW

      •  Director: Ed Fraiman
      • Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Ralph Ineson, Charles Dance, Jamie Sives, Gina McKee

      Undeniable (Mini-Series) (2014) - US & CANADA -  ONLY ON SUNDANCE NOW

      •  Director: John Strickland
      • Cast: Claire Goose, Alisha Kelly, Felix Scott, Robert Pugh, Peter Firth, Pippa Haywood 

      March 30

      Gaza Surf Club (2016) - US & CANADA - A SUNDANCE NOW EXCLUSIVE

      •   Director: Philip Gnadt, Mickey Yamine
      •  Cast: Ibrahim Arafat, Mohammed Abu Jayab, Sabah Abu Ghanem
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