After a series of teasers, Blizzard has finally unveiled the omnic quadruped tank Orisa as the next hero for Overwatch.

Orisa, the 24th playable character for the massive popular multiplayer shooter, is now available for gamers to try out on the Overwatch PTR.

The Lore Behind Orisa

The teasers for Orisa started with an interview featuring 11-year-old Efi Oladele, a Numbani native who is a genius in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. In the interview with Atlas News, the in-game media outlet of Overwatch, Oladele expressed her admiration for the OR15 robots which were created to keep people safe.

However, the next teaser showed the OR15 robots destroyed in what seemed to be a destructive attack in the Numbani Airport. Oladele was the one who took the image that Atlas News used to report the incident. Afterward, the Numbani map on the Overwatch PTR was updated to reflect the scene of destruction. Another telling sign was that the Doomfist gauntlet, the payload for the map, is now missing from its glass case.

The incident apparently pushed Oladele to construct a robot of her own that would be able to stand up to whatever crushed the OR15 robots, as seen in a list of materials that came from the holovid channel of the child genius.

A few days later, Orisa was revealed as the newest hero of Overwatch.

The Role And Skills Of Orisa

Orisa was designed by the Overwatch development team as a tank that will function similar to Reinhardt, in that teammates will look to position themselves around her, compared to tanks that look to disrupt enemy teams such as D.Va and Winston.

In her official page on the Overwatch website, the skills of Orisa are on full display.

Her main weapon is the fusion driver, which is an automatic projectile cannon that is capable of delivering sustained damage. However, while firing it, Orisa's movement becomes slower.

Orisa's first skill is named Fortify, and once it is activated, the damage she takes is temporarily reduced and action-impairing skills do not affect her.

Her second skill is Halt, which is a graviton charge that she can launch. Once the charge is detonated, enemies within its range will be slowed down and pulled toward the explosion.

Orisa's third skill is the Protective Barrier, which is a stationary shield that works like a smaller version of Winston's Barrier Projector.

Her ultimate is named Supercharger, and once it is activated, nearby teammates will receive an increase in their damage output. The device can be destroyed by opponents though, so its placement is crucial. Orisa players can also protect the Supercharger using their Protective Barrier.

Is Doomfist The Next 'Overwatch' Character?

The teasers leading to the announcement of Orisa was met with appreciation by Overwatch players, especially after the long and complicated ARG that Blizzard utilized to unveil Sombra.

However, it should be noted that Blizzard is now talking about Doomfist freely, as it is specifically mentioned in Orisa's lore that it was the mysterious character that caused the destruction in the Numbani Airport.

Is Doomfist the next character coming to Overwatch? How long will players wait for the hero to be revealed? While waiting for these questions to be answered, gamers should first see if Orisa is a character that they will enjoy.

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