New Breathalyzer That Measures Fat-Loss Is Now Available In Seattle


Beyond the usual testing for alcohol levels, there is also a breathalyzer that can diagnose up to 17 diseases with just one puff from a patient. But how about a breathalyzer that can detect fat loss?


LEVL debuted at the 2016 CES and it has finally come to fruition this year. It is an FDA Class I medical device that would aid individuals working to improve their health by measuring and monitoring the body's fat content to see whether their current nutrition and fitness regimen is indeed working for them.

The device works by measuring the acetone Parts Per Million (PPM) in exhaled breath. The premise is based on half a century's worth of clinical research that points to a correlation between acetone levels in the breath and body fat burned. That way, even if you do not see any changes on the scale, the LEVL will tell you if you've indeed burned a significant amount of body fat.

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Most people who adopt nutrition and fitness regimen look to the scales to see whether their efforts and lifestyle changes do indeed work for them. The thing is, weight loss doesn't necessarily point to the effectiveness of a fitness and nutrition regimen because it measures merely the over-all weight and does not indicate whether what you are losing is muscle, fat, or water.

Using just the scale could not only be frustrating if you do not yet see any changes, but it can also be misleading because you could take a dip in the scales as a signal of the effectiveness of your routine when you could be losing water and muscle instead of fat. That's where the LEVL comes in. As a sort of supplementary tool for fitness and health, LEVL will help you to gauge your fat burning levels whether the scale reflects it or not.

Fat, Body Fat, And Fat Burning

By now you may have heard of healthy fats, and that's because having fat in your body isn't a bad thing. In fact it is an essential component of the body that impacts the over-all health. What's important is going for and maintaining a healthy level of body fat percentage for your body by burning the percentage that could lead to obesity-related health problems, and henceforth increase your overall wellness.

Each body, after all, is different in its needs and composition, and what the LEVL aims to do is to assist individuals in measuring their own bodies based on their individual needs and goals.

The LEVL is currently available in Seattle at $699 plus an additional $49 in monthly subscriptions in the app, the device itself, and monthly deliveries of replacement sensors and calibration gas. The announcement for a nationwide distribution will come this spring.

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