Eighteen months after the introduction of the first Surface Book, Microsoft has launched a new version of the laptop on its online store without much fanfare.

Given the fact that the laptop comes with premium specs, the price of the device is also on the higher side, which has placed it on the top of the Surface Book series.

What Are The Specs Of The New Surface Book?

The new Surface Book laptop was quietly released on Microsoft's online store without any official announcement. According to the store, there are three variants of the new Surface Book laptop in terms of onboard storage.

All the three variants come with an Intel Core i7 processor. The Surface Book having 256 GB onboard memory comes with 8 GB of RAM, whereas the 512 GB version and the 1 TB internal storage version both house16 GB of RAM.

However, despite housing such high-end specs in the laptop, Microsoft did not put a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in any of the three variants.

The Ultimate Experience

The Surface Book is incredibly powerful and is certainly a revolution in terms of design. The 13.5-inch PixelSense display is detachable and is optimized for touch and Surface Pen capabilities. The laptop is meticulously designed and is thin enough to be carried anywhere.

The screen can be used to view things, design and draw. All one has to do is to detach the display and rotate it 180 degrees and re-attach it to the integrated keyboard. One can then present draw or design using the Surface Pen.

The Surface Book is well equipped in terms of hardware and software to run hardcore professional softwares like AutoCAD Revit, SolidWorks 3D CAD, and Adobe Premium Pro smoothly.

Another interesting feature of Microsoft Surface Book is that it comes equipped with facial recognition technology and can remember multiple faces and facial expressions. Thus one can use this feature to log in to the laptop.

The laptop comes with a 5MP front-facing camera and an 8MP rear-facing camera coupled with autofocus feature. The new Surface Book is the third laptop to be introduced by the company in the series.

Microsoft Surface Book: Availability And Price

Microsoft's online store shows that the new Surface Book bears a price tag of $3,299 for the 16GB and 1 TB SSD Surface Book.

One can buy the new Microsoft laptop directly from the official store. The 8 GB and 256 GB SSD variant is priced at $2,399 and the 16 GB and 512 GB SSD variant is priced at $2,799.

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