There is no better social platform to brag about yourself than on Instagram. So naturally, tech giant Microsoft joined Instagram on Wednesday, using the account to promote its brand and show people using their products in real-world scenarios.

Microsoft hired photographer Justin Bastien to travel around the world to find and capture interesting people for its Instagram's mission "to reinvent productivity."

Using the hashtag #DoMore, Microsoft's first post was a video that was uploaded from the latest version of Movie Maker from a Windows Phone. "People everywhere are doing extraordinary things-and we want to introduce them to you. Follow our journey as we go around the world and meet people who #DoMore every day," the post reads.

The Washington-based tech company's second posts on the photo-sharing platform features everyday Microsoft user Laila Ghambari. Ghambari, a barista in Seattle, uses Microsoft-owned Skype to teach coffee lovers around the world her skills. In the photo, Ghambari is seen pouring a cup of coffee against the caramel-colored wallpaper.

The next Microsoft user to be Instagrammed will be Ben Starnes, a surgeon who also lives in Seattle. Although the post has yet to be uploaded, the image will highlight that Starnes uses 3D printing technology for operations.

Microsoft says its social media "community" consists of 100 million people on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

[Photo Credit: Robert Scoble]

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