Everyone's been remarking on how The Chainsmokers' new hit collaboration with Coldplay, "Something Just Like This," sounds suspiciously similar to the duo's previous hit "Roses." Now, a pair of comedy actors posing as The Chainsmokers have provided a hilarious explanation for the similarity and have scored their own viral video hit as a result.

The Chainsmokers Break Through With Big Hits Like 'Roses' And 'Closer'

No one can dispute the success that EDM pop duo The Chainsmokers have received over the past year or so. They have unequivocally become the most recognizable EDM act in pop music and have racked up a succession of hit singles that even the biggest singing stars would envy. Last year, they scored three top 10 Billboard hits, their first breakthrough single, "Roses," followed by the even bigger hit "Don't Let Me Down," and then their greatest smash of all, the number 1 song "Closer."

2017 has been kind to the duo so far as well, with their most recent release "Paris" performing well on the charts, and their new collaboration with Coldplay, "Something Just Like This," hitting it big just recently. That track actually broke the record for most views of a YouTube lyric video in a single day.

Chainsmokers Under Fire For Rehashed Songs 'Paris,' 'All We Know,' And 'Something Just Like This'

The Chainsmokers have also received a growing chorus of criticism on the web for what appears to be a habit of rehashing their old songs to create new ones. The practice was first noticed when they released "All We Know" late last year, which sounded to many like a carbon copy of "Closer." Then "Paris" was released, and it sounded suspiciously similar to the prior two tracks.

When "Something Just Like This" was released, we reported on how critics and fellow DJs are calling out The Chainsmokers for using identical elements to their first ever hit, "Roses." Now, a budding young comedian named Danny Gonzales and his friend have released a hilarious new video on YouTube, which parodies and highlights the similarities between many of The Chainsmokers songs, as well as the propensity for Drew Taggart ("the good-looking one that sings") to blatantly overshadow his partner Alex Pall ("the other one").

"We're making millions of dollars off single after single that sound almost exactly the same, and you're not gonna notice. In fact, we're gonna keep pumping out generic sounding pop music until the day you die, and you're not gonna care, because we think you guys are idiots," explains Gonzales as Taggart as he outlines the group's plans to eventually use their earnings to hire robots to create endless versions of the same song. He also relentlessly bullies "Pall" into submission along to a montage of the real Taggart dominating interview after interview as a defeated Pall looks on.

The hilarious clip has already received over 200,000 views in just a few days, and while that doesn't come anywhere near the views for the real Chainsmokers' videos, it's still an impressive and a well-deserved number. You can check out the entire clip below.

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