MacBook Pro 2017 Specs, Design, Release Date: Everything We Know So Far


It's true: the 2016 MacBook Pro was just released last October, but there are already rumors about Apple's follow-up to their current offering. As it stands, it looks like even though the 2016 MacBook Pro is just a couple of months old, Apple is already gearing up for the next item in their Pro lineup.

Release Date

This is not the first time that Apple released a new line of products just a few months after the previous version. This happened before with the iPad, and it could very well happen again with the 2017 MacBook.

Though a specific date is yet to be released, rumors state that Apple will possibly be ready for the production of the MacBook Pro 2017 by Q3. This could mean that Apple could be on the way to the 2017 MacBook Pro as early as July. As such, it's possible that Apple may either announce the new MacBook Pro at the WWDC in July, or they could also opt for a fall release date, which would be closer to the possible release of a new line of iPhones.


Specifications for the 2017 MacBook Pro could be vastly similar to its 2016 predecessor, though the addition of a bigger RAM is very possible. Apart from a likely processor upgrade, though, it is has been rumored that a Kaby Lake processor could be a major selling point for the 2017 Pro.


Apple rarely changes their design for their computers drastically, and it's very likely that they wouldn't change a lot on this one too. If anything, Apple could simply offer different color variations for the laptop. It is, however, expected for Apple to release different versions of the 2017 MacBook Pro: two with a Touch Bar and one without.

Battery Life

One of the major problems that users of the 2016 MacBook Pro had was its poor battery life. Of course, tips to increase the device's battery life would be fine, but it's very likely that, thanks to the Kaby Lake processor, battery life wouldn't even be a problem anymore. Should the rumors be true, the new MacBook Pro could possibly have the capability for over nine hours of 4K video playback.

It's possible that the fast turnaround for a new MacBook Pro comes with the many complaints that customers made regarding its 2016 version. Then again, Apple isn't really known for waiting around for their products to get old before starting on a new one.

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