Square Enix has pushed Final Fantasy XIV closer to free-to-play territory with the removal of the 14-day limit on the trial version of the MMORPG.

The removal of the time limit of the Final Fantasy XIV trial comes just as Square Enix prepares to release Stormblood, the next expansion for the game.

'Final Fantasy XIV' Trial No Longer Has 14-Day Limit

The release of the latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV, which upgrades the game to version 3.56, concludes the main scenario of Heavensward, which is the last expansion for the MMORPG before the upcoming Stormblood.

More important, however, is the fact that the update removes the 14-day time limit on the free trial of Final Fantasy XIV.

Previously, players who were trying out Final Fantasy XIV through its trial version can only play the game for free for 14 days, regardless of how far they have progressed in the MMORPG. Now, with the removal of the time limit, players will be able to play indefinitely beyond 14 days.

Of course, the trial version still has a limit, albeit a much less strict one compared to a 14-day limit. With the update, players can play the Final Fantasy XIV free trial until their character reaches level 35, after which they would have to buy the game or start a new character from scratch.

Players who reach level 35 in the free trial and decide to purchase the game afterward will be able to transfer their characters from the trial version into the full game. Players who have also previously played the Final Fantasy XIV trial but had to stop after reaching the time limit of 14 days will also be allowed to play the trial version once again, continuing from where they stopped.

With the limitation of the Final Fantasy XIV trial changed from a time limit of 14 days to a level cap of level 35, players who are trying out the game will be able to access a lot more content. Players are also allowed to have as many as eight characters, with one per World, so technically players will have access to 280 levels worth of free Final Fantasy XIV.

There are no restrictions on what players can do with their characters before reaching level 35, with gamers able to link up with their friends, dive into the Deep Dungeon, and indulge in the activities offered by the Gold Saucer.

'Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood' Incoming

The version 3.56 update for Final Fantasy XIV also removes the weekly restriction on challenges against Alexander: The Creator, launches the fourth season of The Feast, introduces new quests to the main scenario, and adds new titles, achievements, and music tracks.

All of these changes are being made to Final Fantasy XIV in preparation for the arrival of Stormblood, which will be released on June 20. The removal of the time limit for the trial version of the game could also be Square Enix's way of trying to get more players on board before the expansion is launched.

Stormblood will add the Red Mage and Samurai classes to Final Fantasy XIV, a new raid named Return to Ivalice, and possibly a version of Final Fantasy X's Blitzball.

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