Good news for Dungeons & Dragons fans! The cult hit classic PC role-playing game Planescape: Torment has gotten an enhanced edition, thanks to the masters at Beamdog.

The classic top-down RPG features enhanced graphics playable up to 4K setting, enhanced music, and other gameplay tweaks. The game will launch on April 11 for MacOS, PC, and Linux and on portable devices such as iOS and Android.

A Classic Getting Modern Touches

Planescape: Torment was first released in 1999, and although it was not a commercial success, it was critically acclaimed and gained a heavy cult following years after its release. Now, thanks to the maestros of enhancement at Beamdog studio, the classic will get some much-needed modern touches.

Lead designer Chris Avellone came back onboard to realize his complete vision for the game using today's technology. He worked with Beamdog to do bug fixes, gameplay updates, and other tweaks.

The first major upgrade is graphics. Players can now relive the epic quests and combats in Full HD glory and even 4K resolution. Another main enhancement is music. The original soundtrack has been reconfigured to play with high fidelity.

The other upgrade is on gameplay: there are tab highlighting, area zooming, and new abilities. The game has been translated to several languages as well, such as French, Polish, German, and Korean.

According to an interview, the original writing that everyone loved has been retained.

"For the few instances where new writing was needed — i.e., for a couple of additional journal entries, special ability descriptions and the Steam Achievements — Chris Avellone wrote the text personally. In addition, Chris requested to do an editorial pass of all the text in the game, and we happily obliged," according to a Beamdog spokesperson.

Oldie But Still Goodie

The game's story centers on an unknown protagonist simply known as The Nameless One. He is an immortal who has lived many lives but has forgotten all of it. He journeys through the city of Sigil and other planes to reclaim the memories of his previous lives. Several characters will join him on his adventure. Critics and fans loved the unconventional character development and plot.

In the Enhanced Edition, The Nameless One and his group will travel to various Dungeons & Dragons locations to face different challenges, enemies to fight, and puzzles to solve. The dialogues have also been tweaked to make them more memorable, while the classic characters will be there.

Speaking of characters, players can customize The Nameless One's character as well as his class, alignment, and abilities.

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