Netflix started allowing iOS and Android users to download movies and TV shows earlier this year and now the option is also available for Windows 10 PCs.

Offline viewing has been among the most highly requested features ever for the streaming video platform and it's long been in the works. Back in January this year, Netflix offline viewing finally became a real option, enabling Android and iOS users to download Netflix content to watch later, even if they don't have an internet connection.

Netflix Offline Viewing

Before having this option to download Netflix content, users could only watch Netflix movies and TV shows online. That could be problematic at times, in areas with spotty internet connection or with no internet at all.

Netflix offline viewing makes it easier to watch Netflix movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere, even while offline and on the go. The option has not been available on PC so far, so users who wanted to watch Netflix movies and TV shows on their laptops, for instance, had to download the content to their mobile device first and then transfer it to their PC.

Download Netflix Movies And TV Shows On Windows 10 PCs

Netflix has now updated its Windows 10 app and offline viewing is now available for Windows 10 PCs as well. As soon as you open the Netflix Windows 10 app, a pop-up notification informs you that you can now "Download & Go" as long as the movie or TV show is available to download (see image above). Just like on mobile, not all Netflix movies and TV shows are up for grabs, but most of them are.

Windows 10 Netflix App

The Windows Store doesn't note what version of the app you're using, so to take advantage of this offline download option just make sure that you have the very latest version of Netflix installed.

The Netflix app on Windows 10, however, has always been a bit buggy and this latest version is no exception. For instance, when you get that "Download & Go" screen, clicking on the "Find me something to download" button doesn't really do anything. It should display a list of downloadable Netflix movies and TV shows to make things easier, but it doesn't work. That said, you'll still have to hunt down the downloadable titles yourself.

Netflix typically prioritizes its own content for download, albeit not all Netflix content is available yet. For now, some Netflix TV shows such as Daredevil, Easy and others are not downloadable.

Since Netflix is a Microsoft Universal Windows Platform or UWP application, the offline download option could soon become available for the Xbox and Windows phones as well, but it remains to be seen.

For now, Netflix subscribers on all tiers can download movies and TV shows on Android, iOS and Windows 10, so they can watch their favorite content offline at any time.

Have you tried Netflix offline viewing yet? If so, what do you think of it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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