Hillary Clinton, former secretary of state and the Democratic Party candidate for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections, has been laying low since her loss to Donald Trump, but her silence ended when she took to the stage for a Women in the World Summit interview on April 6.

In an interview with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, Clinton finally spoke up and expressed her sentiments on the outcome of the presidential elections, Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin, and women's rights.

Hillary Is Doing Fine

If anyone was wondering how the former secretary of state is doing after she lost to Trump, the answer is that she is currently doing fine but she is more worried about the nation, especially after all the Executive Orders and threats to women's health care and health care in general.

"I am doing pretty well [...] as a person, I'm OK. As an American I'm pretty worried," Clinton said.

Clinton also said that she hoped America will finally get to move on to positive developments, but the way things are going, it will take some time before that happens.

On Russia And Putin

Clinton said that she is convinced that Putin and Russia were responsible for the email hacking activity that targeted the Democratic party and that they have to be held accountable.

"It is something that Putin has used inside Russia, outside Russia to great effect [...] if we don't take action together to hold whoever was involved accountable, they will be back time and time again," she said.

She also noted that information became weaponized in the 2016 elections and urged Americans to not be willing to fall victim to such an incident again.

On The Trump Administration

Clinton also expressed her confusion at the government's attacks on certain groups of people - Muslims and women in particular.

"I don't understand the commitment to hurt so many people that this administration, this White House seems to be pursuing," she revealed.

On the bright side, Clinton said that the failure of the proposed replacement for the Affordable Care Act felt gratifying.

"[They] had not a clue what that meant; they had no idea. I don't know that any of them had ever even read the bill - read the law, understood how it worked [...] The things that come out of some of these men's mouths - like, 'Why do we have to cover maternity care?' Well, I don't know, maybe you were dropped by immaculate conception," she said.

On Running For Office Again

Clinton said there were a lot of factors that led to her loss in the elections, including sexism and misogyny. She revealed that she has no plans to run for office again but her fight for women's rights will not stop.

"There are lots of ways to make a difference [...] Rights and opportunities for women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century. I think there's a lot to do," she answered.

Watch the full interview below.

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