Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton: Recap Of The Second Presidential Debate As Told In Memes


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton duked it out on Sunday night during the second presidential debate, and it's all the internet has been talking about.

And rightfully so since America tuned in to see how the Republican nominee would handle the so-called "Trump tape" scandal after a video and audio footage was leaked from 2005 that consists of Trump making lewd comments about women.

Held at Washington University in St. Louis, the debate was in a town hall format where the audience asked the candidates questions and moderators Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper asked follow-ups.

The gloves were on as Clinton reminded us all that Trump has said some nasty things about women, minorities, Muslims and those with disabilities, where as Trump referred to his opponent as the "devil" and said he would appoint a special prosecutor to put Clinton in jail for her email scandal.

Most notably, Trump kept repeating that his vile comments were "locker room talk" (which is NOT an excuse, and pro athletes have spoken up to say no one talks like that) and drifted off to say he will get ISIS, had the bad case of the sniffles again, danced around every question without really answering them and threw tantrums like a child.

Clinton was backed into a corner about being "two-faced," where she made connections to Abraham Lincoln, while Trump also hounded her over her deleted emails.

While these are some highlights, there was plenty of action going down in the debate. And the best way to recap all of what happened is through the following series of hilarious memes that just capture what a circus this election has become.

Of course everyone was talking about the infamous Trump comments about grabbing women.

Trump found a way to interrupt Clinton multiple times, with Cooper having to scold him like a child and remind him to let her speak. But as the two went at each other, Twitter couldn't help but pick up on the fact that they looked like they were performing a duet.

Trump was extra creepy as he stood behind Clinton.

This is exactly how Trump answered the questions.

While Clinton proved she can stand her ground against Trump, she also had her moments during the debate.

But it was the undecided voters who stole the spotlight like these two gentlemen.

But it was Ken Bone who really became an internet sensation.

Those who decided to sit this one out, here is your debate recap.

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