Gothic-themed video games with monster-slaying gameplay are in vogue these days, and this is why developers like Bandai Namco are taking part in the action.

Bandai Namco has announced the development of its latest game Code Vein. This is an action RPG with vampire themes and anime-style visuals. Based on the screenshots released, the game evokes the dark atmosphere of similar games like Dark Souls 3, a Namco-published game. The game is set for a 2018 release for still-unannounced platforms.

Bandai Namco is the Japanese studio behind the classic Pac-Man and the upcoming game Tekken 7.

'Code Vein': A Blood-filled Story

Bandai Namco broke the news about the game's development via Twitter, where it also shared the game's teaser trailer.

Code Vein takes place in a distant future where the world has been brought to ruins by a mysterious disaster. The apocalypse called "Thorns of Judgment" left towering skyscrapers, once the symbols of civilization, withering and decaying like lifeless graves.

Humanity is almost wiped out, save for a group of survivors called Revenants. These Revenants possess supernatural powers, but at a great cost: their memories. They have also acquired a thirst for blood. They must feed on blood, or else they risk devolving into the Lost, abominable monsters devoid of any humanity.

These Revenants grouped together and formed a secret society called "Vein" (hence the title). They must band together in order to fend off the threats of the fiendish Lost that roam outside Vein. Together, they must fight to survive and uncover the mysteries surrounding their powers, the birth of Revenants, the secrets of Vein, and the disaster that has befallen them.

'Code Vein' Gameplay

According to the game's official website, the game is a story-driven "connected dungeon experience." It means there will be a lot of dungeon diving, and dungeons mean monsters, and monsters mean hard-core action and lots of fighting. Based on the site's description, the gameplay features include:

Blood Veils. These "Blood Veils" are equipment used by Revenants to drain the blood of the Lost monsters. According to a Famitsu magazine feature on the game (via Gematsu), Blood Veils look like clothes but function like armors. They look like power-ups when the Revenant has sucked a lot of blood. Sucking blood gives the players "Gifts," which are buffs that can increase attack power, decrease enemy strength, and other abilities.

The Blood Veil transforms a character's mask when activated, making the character look more fearsome. There are different kinds of of Blood Veils players can use, each with its own blood-sucking mechanism. In the screenshots, a male Revenant is shown with huge claws, while a girl is shown with an armored tail.

Character Creation and Customization. Players can create their own characters and as a role-playing game, the game will surely feature skill and power customization.

Buddy System. Players can choose their "Buddy," a partner the player can fight with. Each has his or her own skills, combat style, and background story. Bandai Namco hinted at changing the feel of the game depending on the Buddy you choose.

Weapons and Tactics. Players can choose from a wide array of weapons like axes, spears, and bayonets to complement their fighting styles. Battle-wise, players can perform coordinated attacks and Blood Veil enhancements with their Buddy.

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