Google has been busy over the last few days rolling out the much-awaited, multi-user support for its Google Home smart speaker. For the first time since its release, Google's smart speaker now has an added ability, which its rival Amazon Echo does not.

Google is still working on providing additional features to its smart speaker, which would further enhance user experience. On Wednesday, April 26, the company announced that the Google Home smart speaker's Google Assistant would assist users in the kitchen, helping them while cooking.

Google Home To Assist In Cooking

The company announced that Google Home can recite recipes to users while they are cooking. This feature would be immensely helpful for home cooks who need to keep checking recipes while cooking, which is often inconvenient.

"To help you perfect your kitchen skills, we're introducing the ability to cook with the Google Assistant on Google Home," Google revealed in a blog post.

With this added functionality, all the user needs to do is search for a recipe using the Google Assistant on their Android smartphone, or Google Search on an iOS device. Google Home will be able to read over 5 million recipes from popular sites such as Bon Appetit, All Recipes, Food Network, and more.

How To Use Google Assistant To Recite Recipes

After selecting the required recipe, a user will have to select the option "send to Google Home." This will ensure that the recipe gets saved to the Google smart speaker for immediate or later use. Once the user is ready to cook, they will have to use the command "Ok Google, start cooking" or "Ok Google, start recipe."

The niftiest feature about this upgrade is that after each step in the recipe, users can ask Google Home to "Ok Google, repeat", which would prompt the speaker to recite the current step once again in case one did not follow it in the first instance. The same can be done with previous steps. For instance a user can command "Ok Google, what's step three?"

After a step has been followed, the user will need to say "Ok Google, next step" to proceed with the recipe. The company also revealed that apart from reciting recipes with the aid of the Google Assistant, the smart speaker would be able to play music and perform all its normal activities. Moreover, these tasks will not interfere with the recipe recitation.

Similar Feature In Amazon Echo

The recipe reciting functionality is already present in the Amazon Echo speaker. However, Google Home gives users the option of selecting from a plethora of different recipes, which the Echo does not. The Amazon Echo, on the other hand, can make recipe suggestions to users depending on what they have stored in their fridge, a functionality which the Google Home does not support.

The new Google Home feature will roll out to the smart speaker from next week.

Check out a small clip showing the new feature for the Google Home.

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