Bill Cosby is facing a number of rape allegations which caused TV companies to cancel their projects with the actor. Cosby, who is more popularly known for his character in the 80s TV hit 'The Cosby Show,' is supposed to make a comeback in a new family comedy show in NBC. He was also reportedly working with Netflix for an original comedy special but the network had to delay the show indefinitely.

The special was taped on Cosby's 77th birthday in July and was scheduled to launch on Netflix on Nov. 28.

In the case of NBC, the final script indicated that Cosby will play the role of a patriarch who has three married daughters with their own children.

TV Land has stopped playing all reruns of 'The Cosby Show' from its TV schedule. Several marathons showing of the popular comedy show which are originally scheduled between Thanksgiving and Christmas had to be cancelled.

For so many years, Bill Cosby has projected an image of a gentle, sweater-clad global father figure. Otherwise known as 'Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable,' Cosby is remembered as a caring father who have always guided his 'TV sitcom children' into making smart decisions. He also became a symbolical father figure to younger black men by inspiring them to pull up their pants and stay in school. He is considered as America's 'Favorite Daddy.'

Now, that fatherly image that the actor has carried for decades is tainted as decade-old accusations against the actor have also emerged. Numerous women have resurfaced and claimed that Cosby drugged them and either raped or molested them as well.

Cosby's TV comeback may have created excitement among his fans. However, it has also revived the outrage of his accusers. One of them, Joan Tarshis, opened up for the first time by saying that she's been drugged and raped on two occasions back in 1969.

"I had wanted to get it off my chest for a long time," said Tarshis in a phone interview. "When I was approached by tabloids in 2005, a tabloid was not the way I wanted to go."

Former model Janice Dickinson claimed that Cosby brought her to Lake Tahoe in 1982 where the actor drugged and raped her. So far, Dickinson's accusation created the most virulent response. Martin Singer who is the actor's lawyer described the model's claim as nothing but a 'fabricated lie.'

Cosby has continuously denied the allegations. The actor is even heard that he did not want to talk about it.

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