Various researches suggest that an active lifestyle or even just simple regular workouts can extend a person's life. Having friends who exercise also motivates people to become more active except, of course, if one is too tired and sleep-deprived to even move.

Now a fitness center located in the UK is offering a brand-new type of exercise that will allow individuals to catch up on their sleep while also burning calories.

The new "workout" is called Napercise and is the answer to your dreams — or may lead you to dream, rather.

How Does Napercise Work And Where Is It Offered?

Napercise is a one-hour midday "group class" that starts out and ends with tension-releasing stretches with 45 minutes of pure, uninterrupted sleep in between.

The gym sets up beds, blankets, pillows and eye masks for those who will sign up for the napping classes to ensure that each member is comfortable during the sessions. The room where the Napercise session takes place is set at a temperature that promotes calorie burning even in sleep, so weight loss is no longer just a dream for tired people.

At present, David Lloyd Clubs is only offering the nap classes in one of its locations but may roll out to other fitness centers if the class is successful.

"[If] you're a parent, a good night's rest becomes even more of a luxury. So we're created a new group class — group napping classes for exhausted mums and dads to help boost their mental and physical wellbeing," the website introduces.

Is Napercise A Good Thing?

Experts suggest that taking power naps is actually beneficial for the body and could help people feel more refreshed and alert. According to, the perfect nap length is about 20 minutes only and sleeping somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes may end up making a person feel sluggish. This is because most people hit the deeper stages of sleep at roughly the 30-minute mark.

As mentioned above, the entire nap session is designed to allow members to sleep for 45 minutes in order to reinvigorate the mind and body so will this be a problem?

Apparently not because a 2015 research also suggests that a 45- to 60-minute nap can boost memory retention five-fold, which is good for working individuals and tired students.

Of course, there are researches that indicate that a 90-minute nap is the best kind of nap but busy people don't really have that much luxury of time. Each person's body will respond differently to different napping lengths but Napercise still seems to be a good option for those who want to pay to sleep.

Watch the David Lloyd Clubs's promotional video for Napercise below.

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