The Walking Dead is making great headway as the show, for the third Sunday in a row, managed to come out ahead of Sunday Night Football in the ratings department. This is big news for AMC and sad news for diehard football fans out there.

The popular zombie TV series managed to garner a rating of 7.3 among adults aged 18 to 49, while Sunday Night Football had to settle for 6.3 among the same demography. From our calculations, The Walking Dead ratings is 15 percent ahead, and chances are, things will stay the same when the next episode comes along.

Interestingly enough, the hit show managed to draw in more viewers this time compared to last week. Sunday Night Football could only muster a decent 8.1 million viewers, while The Walking Dead had 14.1 million viewers tuning in to flesh-eating zombies.

We don't expect Sunday Night Football to fall victim to The Walking Dead every week. This streak could end if two famous teams go up against each other. If that doesn't happen, then it is a clear sign that TV viewers in the United States do, in fact, prefer zombies and murderous human beings to football.

It would be interesting to see how next week turns out as Rick and the team are planning a daring rescue mission to get Beth and Carol out of the hospital. Things could go sour since the folks at the hospital have more weapons and larger numbers. In fact, we expect something terrible would happen, so fans of the show should be on the lookout for a possible death.

Maybe Carol, or even Beth. We just have a feeling that someone might end up dead. For many reasons, we wouldn't mind if Beth is the one to lose her life in the next episode.

Let's be honest: Beth's character is not appealing at all. Since showing up, Beth has done close to nothing, yet she's still roaming around. It is time for AMC to put her down and allow the group to move on.

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