People who have bought Apple's wireless headphones, the AirPods, are largely satisfied with their purchase.

That's at least according to a survey by Experian and Creative Strategies. The results suggest that out of 942 AirPods owners polled, 82 percent were "very satisfied" with the headphones, while 16 percent were "satisfied." This amounts to an overall satisfaction rate of 98 percent.

Apple AirPods Customers Are Pretty Satisfied

Creative Strategies says the AirPods has received the highest satisfaction level out of all products released by Apple. By contrast, the first iPhone, released in 2007, had a 92 percent customer satisfaction rate, the same as the 2010's iPad, which also scored 92 percent. In 2015, the first Apple Watch had 97 percent. The AirPods surpassed all of them in terms of customer satisfaction.

But Will They Recommend The AirPods To Others?

Asked if the customers would recommend Apple's wireless headphones to other people, many said they would, which earned the AirPods a Net Promoter score of 75. For the uninitiated, a Net Promoter Score is a standard benchmark which ranks customers' willingness to recommend a product to others.

"Product and NPS specialists will tell you anything above 50 is excellent and anything above 70 is world class," the report says.

Words Used To Describe The AirPods

In the polling, these are the words respondents frequently used to describe the AirPods: "fit," "magic," "sound quality," "convenient," "love," "good sound," and "battery life."

But beyond the most frequently used words, many general themes culled from the write-in section were "telling." In particular, the respondents raved about the ability to pair the AirPods with their phones, and many were excited that the headphones simply worked well, comparing their usage against negative experiences in the past involving other Bluetooth headphones.

Another theme that arose from the write-in section is that according to the respondents, they didn't view wireless headphones as convenient and useful products until they owned the AirPods, and many indicated that they ended up liking the product even more than they had originally expected.

There was, however, a portion of negativity too. But the report says that such instances were of "extreme minority," mostly involving connectivity or fit issues.

Other Interesting Discoveries

Here are other interesting tidbits culled from the poll:

84 percent of respondents strongly or somewhat agree that using just one pair of AirPods at a time makes sense.

88.97 percent found the AirPods quite reliable in terms of pairing them to their iPhone as soon as they put the product into their ears.

 82.5 percent of the respondents, however, would have liked more control over music playback, such as tapping the headphones to skip songs and turn up the volume. At present, performing these requires voice controls via Siri.

 82 percent say that the AirPods is their favorite Apple product launched in recent memory.


The Apple AirPods shipped in October, retailing for $159, although the product is quite difficult to find even today. Shipping estimates for orders placed via Apple's website suggest that purchasing the wireless headphones entails a six-week waiting period before arriving.

Have you purchased a pair of AirPods? How satisfied are you with it? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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