Woman Swallows Over $7000 Cash After Fight With Husband


A woman in Colombia went to a hospital after complaining of severe stomach pains. There, she admitted to swallowing over $7,000 dollars' worth of bills during a heated argument with her husband.

A Heated Argument

What do you do when you and your husband are having a heated argument? Marriage counselors would probably have a lot of answers to that question, but a woman in Colombia had a different albeit extreme reaction to the marital tussle — eat over $7,000 worth of cash savings.

Sandra Milena Almeida of Colombia went to the Hospital Universitario de Santander in Bucaramanga complaining of severe stomach pains. However, it was only after X-rays showed a blockage between her intestine and stomach that she surprised doctors by saying that perhaps the cause of the severe discomfort was due to the fact that she had previously swallowed between $7,000 and $9,000 worth of cash, or over 20 million pesos.

It all began when Almeida found out that her husband was reportedly cheating on her. As it happens, Almeida has been saving some cash for a little while by selling household electronics in order to go on a vacation to Panama.

After she found out about her husband's infidelity, she was secretly planning to leave him. He, however, found out about the savings and the couple had a heated argument where her husband reportedly demanded for half of the saved cash. It was in the middle of this argument that Almeida supposedly swallowed thousands of dollars' worth of cash.

An unnamed housemate of the couple confirmed her version of the events, stating that while the couple was yelling and hitting each other, Almeida swallowed the money when her husband was claiming half of the cash.

Legal Dispute

Almeida required two operations in order for the doctors to thoroughly clean the blockage in her intestine, where they found the cylindrical rolls of cash that she had evidently swallowed.

Doctors recovered 57 100-dollar bills, and were able to save approximately $5,700 of her savings. They said that the other bills had unfortunately been destroyed by gastric acids, and that while most of the cash passed through her system normally, one of the rolls caused the blockage, which could only be removed through surgery.

Due to the unusual circumstances of the situation, the incident was reported to the authorities who will now decide who will get to keep the cash.

Almeida has since been released from the hospital and has made a full recovery.

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