Most Couples Are Guilty Of Netflix Cheating


Some people get together to casually Netflix and chill. Then there are the couples that are more serious and have been together for a few seasons. But when it comes to Netflix cheating, even the most in love couples are at risk.

There is so much temptation these days thanks to automatic plays of the next episode. But couples should beware, because even though you promise to only watch together, Netflix cheating is on the rise and ruining relationships one addicting series at a time.

According to a new Netflix study, 46 percent of couples who stream have "Netflix cheated" on their significant other.

And chances are you probably have Netflix cheated, too.

Although it is a humorous study, the issue at hand is very real for streaming addicts.

First discovered in 2013, Netflix cheating is when one person in the relationship watches episodes of a show ahead of their significant other.

And when you think it won't happen to you, you will one day come home to find your lover already on season 5 of OITNB or open the queue to see they already finished The OA without you.

Let's play out the scenario: a couple begins binge-watching a series together. They instantly get hooked, but must enter back into the real world to do adult things like their job and other responsibilities.

It's an unspoken rule that the other doesn't watch ahead so that they can be shocked and entertained together—providing commentary along the way amongst each other.

But then one breaks and decides to watch just one more.

It's worse when one falls asleep and the other does in right in right their very own shut eyes. This is exactly what happens 25 percent of the time.

Some even do it at work.

The streaming service revealed that after conducting a survey on a sample of adults who watch TV shows as a couple that Netflix cheating has increased three times in the past four years.

So pretty much most couples are guilty, although 45 percent don't confess it to their partner.

What's worse is 48 percent are married. If you can't stream Stranger Things alongside your husband than who can you trust when it comes to avoiding spoilers?

Shockingly enough, 60 percent of people said they would cheat more if they knew they could get away with it. But let's face it, it's hard to pretend you didn't watch ahead without being suspicious.

But once the cheating takes place, these Netflix subscribers keep coming back for more. The Netflix study found that 81 percent of cheaters have watched ahead more than once. The thing is viewers just can't help themselves.

80 percent of cheating is unplanned, but it becomes inevitable since shows are sometimes just so good.

The study found that shows like Narcos, Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black are the most common titles subscribers cheat with, along with titles like American Horror Story and Breaking Bad.

So where are these Netflix cheaters from? Everywhere. The cheating is happening in relationships all over the world, with the most streaming cheaters living in Brazil and Mexico. 

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