Another day, another leak by the online hackers of DerpTrolling. This time a group posted thousands of login credentials taken from Sony's PlayStation Network, game publisher 2K Games and Microsoft's Windows Live.

"Dear Internet," the document filled with logins reads, "The following is a very small portion of Lord Gaben and the rest of his crew's glorious raids across the high seas of the Internet."

Included in the document is the login information for more than 2,000 PSN accounts, 1,473 Windows Live users and 2,000 2K Game Studio accounts. How exactly DerpTrolling acquired the logins is unknown, but they claim this is just the tip of the iceberg.

"We have 800,000 from 2K and 500,000 credit card data. In all of our raids we have a total of around 7 million usernames and passwords," a member of DerpTrolling previously said. "We have around 2 million Comcast accounts, 620,000 Twitter accounts, 1.2 million credentials belonging to the CIA domain, 200,000 Windows Live accounts, 3 million Facebook, 1.7 million EA origins accounts, etc."

The hacker groups says they aren't out to harm consumers with the leaks, only companies. Last week the group claimed responsibility for a DDoS attack (denial of service) on game developer Blizzard's servers.

"A show of force from us, would be an attack on 2K that would be very similar to our attacks on Blizzard," a member of the group says. "Like I said, DerpTrolling in no way wants to harm our children by leaking such damaging data. It's only a warning to the companies."

It is their hope that by exposing how vulnerable companies are to DDoS and hacks, DerpTrolling is forcing companies to improve services and better protect consumer data. If wanting to protect consumer data by leaking consumer data seems contradictory to you, you aren't the only one.

Sony, Microsoft and 2K have yet to comment on the leak, but in the meantime users of these services might want to change their passwords.

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