OnePlus is on a spree of announcements with the latest being a referral program. Thanks to this program, consumers would be able to claim a unique link, which can be shared with others.

This link if used by others to make a purchase, would entitle the sharer to a reward or referral points.

OnePlus' Referral Program

On Thursday, May 25, OnePlus confirmed that its upcoming flagship OnePlus 5 would be powered by Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 835 SoC. The very next day, the Chinese OEM dropped the bomb that it will be discontinuing its OnePlus 3T smartphone.

To do something different before the OnePlus 5's launch, it is likely that the China-based company has come up with its own referral program. In a post on its support forum, OnePlus' ecommerce staff Steven G wrote that all consumers who purchased a OnePlus smartphone, or were going to, are eligible for their own unique referral link.

"Once you've got a link, just share it with someone interested in buying a OnePlus device and wait for them to hit the order button," Steven wrote in the support forum.

How Does The OnePlus Referral Program Work?

Basically, once an individual purchases a OnePlus smartphone from the online store they are sent the unique referral link. This needs to be shared with friends. Once can also post the unique referral link on social media if they so choose.

If the friend uses the referral link toward a new OnePlus smartphone's purchase, then they get $20 off accessories and gear.

The link owner gets 100 referral points once the friend purchases the OnePlus phone. After 30 days, OnePlus will send 100 referral points to the link owner's referral hub. One can check the referral hub to check and spend their points.

Who Is Eligible?

Any one who purchased a OnePlus smartphone — OnePlus 2, OnePlus X, OnePlus 3, and OnePlus 3T — from is eligible to get the referral link. One needs to have an account ID and signed into the OnePlus website to avail the offer.

However, the terms of the referral program assert that the friend can only use a single referral link.

"If a referee receives multiple links from multiple OnePlus users, only the OnePlus user of the link used by the referee will receive the corresponding points," the referral program's terms note.

What Can The Referral Points Be Spent On?

One can use the referral points toward OnePlus gear, accessories, and coupons. OnePlus claims that the referral hub is constantly updated and is always filled with freebies. For example, one can get "standard shipping" on the purchase of any OnePlus item from by spending 80 points.

That's not all, one can get a $10 discount on the purchase of OnePlus accessories and gear, as well as free shipping by spending another 100 points. Free t-shirts can be snagged from the referral hub for 150 points and one also gets free shipping on purchases over $100.

If one decides to spend 200 or 500 points, they can get a $20 or $50 discount, respectively, on OnePlus gears and accessories' original market price. By spending 400 points, one gets a OnePlus travel messenger bag for free.

Considering the perfect timing of the announcement, it is safe to assume that OnePlus is preparing the stage and its fans for the launch of the OnePlus 5. By discontinuing the OnePlus 3T, the company will get to focus on the OnePlus 5 and clear older device inventory.

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