A new leak on the Galaxy Note 8 reveals that the device is set to become Samsung's biggest-ever flagship smartphone, and will look very similar to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

The new leak follows uploaded images of Galaxy Note 8 dummy units that revealed important details regarding the upcoming smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Be Massive

A nine-second video posted on Twitter by prolific tipster mmddj_china supposedly features the Samsung Galaxy Note 8's front glass panel, which looks a lot like current flagship smartphones Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

If the leaked front glass panel is legitimate, it shows that Samsung will also use the nearly bezel-less Infinity Display first seen on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. It also reveals that the Galaxy Note 8 will be slightly larger than the Galaxy S8+, at 6.3 inches compared to the latter's 6.2 inches, and 0.6 inches bigger than its predecessor, the explosive Galaxy Note 7.

Out of all the smartphones that Samsung released, only the Galaxy Mega smartphone released in 2013 is able to match the Galaxy Note 8's rumored size. However, the Galaxy Mega was a niche device with mid-range specifications, while the Galaxy Note 8 will feature top-of-the-line features and powerful components.

The video on the front glass panel could turn out to be fake, but it is a plausible design for Samsung to use on the Galaxy Note 8. Previous rumors point to Samsung correcting certain issues with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, which should make the Galaxy Note 8 an even more attractive option.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors

The rumor mill is already swirling with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rumors, including the pictures of dummy units from last week.

The pictures revealed that the upcoming smartphone will have the rumored vertically-arranged dual-rear cameras at the back, with the dual LED flash located between the cameras. In addition, there seems to be no trace of the fingerprint scanner in the front or in the back of the smartphone.

The placement of the fingerprint scanner at the back of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, right beside the rear-facing camera, is widely considered as a design flaw. The location was awkward for users to reach, and it made the camera lens prone to smudging as users searched for the scanner with their fingers. Samsung, however, rushed the smartphone to production.

Samsung will seemingly address the major problems of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ with the Galaxy Note 8, through the addition of dual rear cameras, a feature that was dropped at the last second for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, and the placement of the fingerprint scanner underneath the display.

The massive display of the Galaxy Note 8 and its dual cameras was hinted earlier this month in a Weibo post, and it seems that the latest rumors are coming together to support the earlier claim.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Note 8 within the year, with the goal of recovering from the exploding battery fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7.

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