Here's What Happens When You Throw The New Nokia 3310 From A 4th Floor Window

The much-awaited nostalgia-inducing smartphone from Nokia has finally been released, albeit at a limited capacity, but people are already wondering just how the remodeled 3310 fares in comparison with its predecessor, especially when it comes to its exceptional durability.

Of course, some experts were quick to test just how tough the new 3310 is, and what better way to do that than dropping the phone from various heights. The 3310 survived majority of the drop tests — with a broken screen as its worst damage — before it met its demise in a smash test.

Take note that the drop tests were done on the 3310 without using any type of casing for protection.

New 3310 Drop Tests

In a drop test video produced by Leon Siciliano, the new 3310 was dropped from four different heights: pocket, shoulder, first floor ceiling, and four floors high.

For both the pocket and shoulder height drops, the phone received minimal scratches and was in full working order, as if nothing happened at all. When the phone was dropped more than 8 feet high — from the height of a first floor roof — the phone received more visible scratches and the battery flew out, but it still worked perfectly when it was turned on.

So what Siciliano and his colleagues did was to throw the phone out the window four floors up to see how well it can survive. Again, the back case and battery were detached and the phone still powered up. However, the screen was damaged enough from the inside that there was really no way to see anything within the damaged parts.

The only test that actually smashed the screen and rendered the 3310 useless was when the phone was forcefully thrown against a brick wall.

Watch the drop test video below.

3310 Head-To-Head Battle: Old vs. New

Another drop test video was uploaded by SuperSaf TV on YouTube on May 30 but, this time, the new 3310 went against its predecessor in a head-to-head battle.

Both phones were dropped from shoulder height but were positioned in a way that the concrete would smash against different sides of the phones: the back, side, and screen.

Impressively, both phones survived with minimal scratches to the casing and LCD screen, though the older 3310 kept on braking apart each time it hit the pavement. The 12-foot drop was suspenseful because the new 3310 took a while to boot up while its predecessor turned on instantly. In the end, however, both phones survived all four drops and worked perfectly afterwards.

Watch the original 3310 vs. new 3310 drop test video below.

It's probably safe to say that Nokia delivered on its promise of an updated 3310 since the remodeled version is just as tough as the original.

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