Rumors of Sony launching its PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB in a golden color surfaced online in end May when an image of the console donning the hue appeared online. Dismissed as merely conjecture at the time, it appears that Sony could indeed be launching a 1TB gold-colored PS4 Slim.

An advert from U.S. retailer Target leaked online and suggests that the gold-colored PS4 Slim 1TB special edition is in the cards.

Target Advertisement Confirms Gold-Colored PS4 Slim 1TB Special Edition

A Twitter user going by the name Wario64 shared the Target advertisement for the gold-colored PS4 Slim.

The image shows the "limited" edition 1TB variant of the Sony console bundled with a DualShock controller. Both the PS4 Slim 1TB console and the DualShock controller sport the same golden color. Wario64 also revealed that the console is likely to get unveiled on June 11. The leaked image also reveals that the special edition console would cost $249.99, which is $50 less from the manufacturer's $299.99 price.

Although the leak endorses the special edition 1TB gold-colored PS4 Slim's arrival, Sony is yet to confirm the same.

Interestingly, according to reports, sources who are familiar with the matter and are not connected to the Target advertisement confirm the existence of a gold-colored metallic-toned PS4 Slim 1TB gaming console.

Reddit Users Confirm PS4 Slim 1TB In Gold

Apart from Wario64, a redditor going by the name Sliye too confirmed the news of the PS4 Slim coming in gold. Sliye claims to be a Target employee and wrote on Reddit that the gold PS4 was spotted on Target's equipment list.

"I work at Target and it looks like the PS4 gold is coming June 9. [It] shows up on our equipment," Sliye wrote.

The redditor also uploaded an image of the gold PS4 Slim 1TB's retail box on Imgur, which is uncannily similar to the picture that leaked in May.

In a separate Reddit thread, another user called Christopher Maxim stated that Walmart employees had erroneously put the yet-to-be-announced gold-colored PS4 Slim 1TB edition on the store shelves. When Maxim tried to purchase the device, the Walmart employees realized their mistake and put it back inside.

However, the redditor was able to click a picture of the box before it was removed. Both the pictures of the gold-colored PS4 Slim 1TB special edition that were shared on Reddit by Sliye and Maxim are the same. Maxim, however, did not mention a release date for the console.

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