In Tesla's recently held shareholder meeting, CEO Elon Musk discussed a wide range of topics, one of which is the upcoming Model Y.

Musk took the chance to unveil the first teaser image for the electric crossover, which will be rolled out between 2019 and 2020.

First Look At Tesla Model Y

As Tesla prepares to begin mass production for the mass-market Model 3 electric sedan, it has not ignored its plans to launch new electric vehicle models over the next several years.

Tesla is planning to release a revamped Roadster and an electric pickup truck, which has so far remained unnamed. The company is also known to be developing the Model Y, an electric crossover that will be a follow-up to the larger electric SUV, the Model X.

The first official teaser for the Model Y does not give away much at first glance, as the image is dominated by shadows. However, a closer look at the teaser reveals that the Model Y does not have side-view mirrors, possibly showcasing Tesla's latest attempt at replacing the components with rear-facing cameras.

Tesla first tried to remove side-view mirrors for the Model X, but regulatory challenges pushed Tesla to bring them back for the electric crossover. With the planned 2019 to 2020 release of the Model Y, perhaps Tesla and other carmakers would have made progress by then in getting regulatory approval for cameras to replace side-view mirrors.

There is not much else to go on from the teaser image, save for the fact that it looks much sleeker compared to the fan-made concepts that have floated around the internet for the Model Y.

The Model Y was first teased by Musk back in October 2015, hinting that the crossover will come with the falcon doors found in the Model X. Last month, Musk revealed more details regarding the vehicle, which is set to begin production in 2020 or as early as late 2019. The Tesla CEO also said that the Model Y will not use the 12-volt battery architecture that is found in other Tesla vehicles, which means that the electric crossover will not use lead-acid batteries to power its electronic components.

Musk believes that the Model Y could even be more popular than the Model 3, which will be a tough expectation to meet. This is because the Model 3, which will be the most affordable electric vehicle in Tesla's line-up, already has 400,000 reservations.

Musk Talks About Tesla's Future

In the shareholder meeting, Musk also discussed what the future holds for Tesla.

According to Musk, Tesla vehicles will be ready for full autonomy through a software release that will be launched as soon as next week. Musk added that Tesla is looking to open more stores and establish more factories, with the Tesla CEO estimating 660 stores in the Unites States and thousands more in China. Musk added that he is looking to build 10 factories worldwide, though no timeframe was given.

Musk also noted that it will work with customers to solve the most pressing problems and reach scale production on Tesla's electric semi-truck in around two years. The vehicle is expected to be unveiled in September.

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