New Apple Ads Show You How To Use Memories Feature, An Old Man Living In Your iPhone

Apple has just unleashed a brand-new set of ads that instructs users how to use the Memories function on the Photos app.

If you're like most people, you probably take tons of photos with your iPhone. Sorting through that large chunk of mess sometimes proves difficult, but thanks to Memories, navigating around your colossal collection becomes much easier.

Memories, which debuted back in iOS 10, automatically creates collections of related images based around certain events, dates, places, and even people. The new videos include a full-length iPhone ad, and a more straightforward tutorial on using the feature.

Apple Launches Full-Length Cinematic Memories Ad

Per the usual Apple advertising flare, the full-length iPhone ad couldn't be more cinematic and poignant if it tried. Titled "The Archives," the ad features an old man in a seemingly decrepit — but fancy, to be sure — warehouse filled with mountains of junk. He goes to a file cabinet and pulls out an impossibly long drawer full of files and photos, then he goes up and plucks out a roll of film inside one of those vintage cans.

With the materials collected, the man begins to cut the pieces together and edit them into a coherent move. Finally, he projects it onto a screen — a heartrending mishmash of photos, videos, and, well, memories, condensed into a single presentation.

Later in the video, the idea becomes clearer: It's the old man's job to collect photos and videos and then string them together to make memories. That's right — the old man actually lives inside every iPhone, ready to cut, edit, and paste memories together at a moment's notice.

Of course, there isn't really an old man living in your iPhone right now, but the ad still stands as an excellent visualization of how the Memories feature works. Apple has yet again successfully simplified a fairly complex concept — and even laced it with emotional appeal. Say what you want about Apple's products, but their advertising game is always spot on.

Memories will gain new features with the release of iOS 11. Starting with the update, users will be able to view added categories in Memories such as pets, kids, events, and a lot more.

The ad ends with "practically magic" imposed onscreen, then the Apple logo, of course. You can watch it below:

How To Use The Memories Feature On Your iPhone

On the more instructional side of things, the other video plays less of an ad than the "old man" spot, and appears to be more of a plain guide. It basically teaches users how to use the Memories feature.

First, open the Photos app. Then, tap the Memories tab, which looks like a play icon encircled with a refresh symbol — supposedly meant to represent "throwback." Once there, simply pick a memory and hit play. That's basically it.

We're not exactly sure why Apple released an instructional video on something fairly simple to do, but perhaps making sure people know the feature exists wouldn't hurt, right?

Apple also recently released a spate of tutorials teaching how to take certain types of photos with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Thoughts about Apple's new ads? Do you find the Memories feature on the Photos app useful? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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